Harlequin Intrigue December 2013 – Bundle 2 of 2

By: Julie Miller

Table of Contents

Yuletide Protector

By Julie Miller

Dirty Little Secrets

By Mallory Kane

Undercover Twin

By Lena Diaz


As the lone surviving victim who can put her attacker away in prison, heiress Bailey Austin becomes the key to the D.A.’s case against a notorious criminal. As lead detective, Spencer Montgomery must prep her for trial. But he becomes her personal protector when she starts receiving terrifying “gifts” meant to scare her away from testifying.

Spencer is a cop on the fast track to making captain one day, if he can keep his emotions in check. But as the stalker’s threats escalate, he can’t deny that Bailey has thawed his icy heart. Her courage touches him in ways no other woman has, and reminds him that she’s more important to him than any investigation.

“If someone gets too pushy or personal for you, call me about that, too. Anything. I’m not taking any chances with our star witness.”

So the warmth of his hand on her arm and the patient, adult conversation was about protecting the outcome of his task force investigation. “You’re not taking any chances?”


With a wry smile, Bailey shook her head. Spencer Montgomery had KCPD running through his veins. Any shivers of awareness she might feel at his warm hands or masculine smells or polite attention were misguided responses to a man who was simply doing his job.

She was the surviving victim who could put away the Rose Red Rapist forever.

“I’ll call,” Bailey promised. “If I suspect anything’s not right, I’ll call.”

“Don’t go shopping by yourself. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times. You do whatever you have to to stay safe.”

She’d had younger, more charming men hit on her with sweet words and shower her with gifts. But she’d never responded so easily, so basically, to any one of them the way she was reacting to Spencer Montgomery today.

“I’ll try not to let you down, Mr. Montgomery.”

“You won’t.”

You won’t.

Did those last two words mean Detective Montgomery had faith in her ability to get the job done?

Or were they a warning that he intended to make sure she didn’t screw this up?



USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Julie Miller


Spencer Montgomery—Leader of the KCPD task force, Spencer brought down the Rose Red Rapist. He’s on the fast track to a stellar career and has put his personal life on hold. The last thing this stoic, seasoned detective wants to do is play bodyguard to the D.A.’s star witness on the case, even if he is attracted to her—because he knows firsthand the tragic results of mixing business with pleasure.

Bailey Austin—The last surviving victim of the Rose Red Rapist. The heiress’s pampered life changed dramatically after the vicious assault. She’s no longer certain of her friends, her future, or if she can ever love a man again. But she’s determined to testify against her attacker—if she lives to see her day in court.

Brian Elliott—Is he really the Rose Red Rapist? He claims to be innocent.

Kenna Parker—Brian’s defense attorney is the best that money can buy.

Vanessa Owen—How far will she go to get the story that will make her a superstar in the news world?

Regina Hollister—Brian’s loyal assistant.

Corie Rudolf—Bailey’s next-door neighbor is man-crazy.

Gabriel Knight—The reporter keeps showing up when you least expect him.

Mara Boyd-Elliott—She runs the Kansas City Journal. Why would she post the half-million-dollar bond for her ex?

The Cleaner—The Rose Red Rapist’s mysterious accomplice. Has she gone underground to avoid capture? Or is she planning her most diabolical crime yet?

The Task Force—This dedicated group of crime fighters will see justice done—or die trying.

For Clarice Metz and Rhonda Glasford Metz,

two of my Fulton fans. Mom loves it when you

talk about my books with her. ;) Thanks for

reading them!



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“I’ll save you,” she whispered into the phone.

Brian Elliott looked at her through glass that separated them. The lines of strain around his blue eyes and handsome mouth were more pronounced. And the orange jumpsuit certainly didn’t flatter.

After all she’d done for him, he still doubted her? “You don’t think they’re screening all my visitors? You’re tempting fate by coming here.”

If he wasn’t looking so haggard, so in need of the comfort he normally sought from her, she would have been irritated by his doubt. Instead, she smoothed a smile on her face—for his benefit as well as the guards who might be watching. “It makes perfect, logical sense for me to come see you. Besides, you’ve had a lot of visitors, haven’t you? Too many for the authorities to focus solely on me.”

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