Kiss Me, Lynn

By: Linda George
Book 2 of the Kiss Me Series

Author’s Note

The tour depicted in this book is based on an actual tour my husband and I were privileged to take during the summer of 2013. Some readers may call this book a “travelogue,” and they’d be right. Hopefully, after reading this book, you’ll feel you’ve been to Peru. I’ll be posting photographs from our tour on my website to accompany the tour in the book to let readers see what Lynn and Alex are seeing.

Our guide, Alex Vereau, allowed me to use his name in the book as a tribute to his excellent contribution to our visit to Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu. His knowledge of Peru is extraordinary. He also gave me permission to use the photograph I took of him at Machu Picchu on the cover. Thanks, Alex!

Alex shared stories with us about his experiences as a guide. I got the idea for this book from several of those stories, which I have combined, then embellished to create my own story. I’ve also added several of my friends—Barb, BJ, Sheila, Cathi, Dorothy, and Vicki, as the turistas who accompany Lynn and Sharon on their tour.

Everything about Alex Vereau, other than the use of his name and his photograph on the cover of the book, has been fictionalized, but little bits of our tour and his charming personality crept into the story and would not be denied!

I took the cover photo of Alex, and the one of Machu Picchu from the Watch Tower, where I outlined this book in the notebook I took everywhere we went, and which was used extensively to write this story.

For your own tour of Peru, contact Alex Vereau through his Facebook Page. Mention my name and that you read about him in Kiss Me, Lynn!

The cover was designed by Carrie Peters Spencer, of Carrie does all the covers for my e-books and she has my praise and thanks!

This book is dedicated to

Alex Vereau

For his exceptional knowledge of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inca, and Machu Picchu

His expertise in guiding us through the country he loves so dearly made our visit to Peru one we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives.

Thanks, Alex, for allowing me to use your name, and your photograph on the cover, and for telling me stories that inspired this book.

Chapter 1

“Peru! Are you insane?” Lynn Hanson, loaded down with books and lecture notes, hurried down the hall toward her room at Thomas Jefferson High School in Keswick, Virginia. Her best friend, Sharon Bennett, followed. Students rushed to their lockers, talking frantically in loud voices, twirling locks, dropping books inside with a thud then slamming the metal doors, creating the typical din of a large high school on a Friday afternoon. Pep Rally time!

Sharon leaned closer so she’d be heard. “But, Lynn, think what fun it will be to take two weeks off this summer. No classes, no in-service meetings, no writing lesson plans for next year the way you always do. No teacher should ever have a year’s lesson plans written before school starts. It’s inhuman! We both need a complete break from school. An actual vacation will be good for both of us.”

Four students—two girls in cheerleader outfits and two boys dressed in football jerseys—pushed past Lynn with apologies, hurrying to the gym. She could already hear the band warming up.

“Good for you, maybe. I need to write an article this summer about how I’m going to teach World History this next year. That magazine I’ve been courting for the past two years is finally interested now that I’m actually going to teach what I’ve been telling them about. I’ve wanted to teach history backwards for years. Mr. Conners has finally said yes! That means a whole new set of lesson plans. The editor wants to follow my progress all year before publishing the article. I have to have the plans perfect! He may want to publish some of them with the article.”

As they neared the gym, the band went into the fight song, eliciting shouts, whistles, and cheers from students filing into their customary places according to class. Eight cheerleaders on the gym floor chanted along with the song. The noise was deafening.

Sharon yelled, “So reverse the ones you already have! With that wacky lesson planning system of yours, all you’ll have to do is renumber the boxes, then copy it from back to front and you’ll have it done! It won’t take two days!”

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