Carrying a King's Child

By: Katherine Garbera
One night leads to the pregnancy surprise of a lifetime in this novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera...

Tapped to become king of his family’s ancestral homeland, hotshot Miami businessman Rafe Montoro needs a break from the pressure. A night with Key West bartender Emily Fielding is just the ticket—until weeks later, when she shows up pregnant!

Emily wants her child to know its father, though as an “unsuitable commoner,” she doesn’t want to block Rafe’s ascent to the throne. Still, there’s that unrelenting chemistry between them that won’t be denied. Will Rafe have to choose between love and country after all?

“What are we going to do?” he asked at last.

Emily pushed away from him and walked over to the window. He knew the view she was afforded from the window. This place had been hard-earned. He’d worked just as hard as his siblings to make Montoro Enterprises into the success it was today.

“I just wanted you to know. Beyond that I don’t need anything. Someday the kid is going to ask about you—”

“Someday? I’m going to be a part of this,” Rafe said.

“I don’t see how. You’re going to be jetting off to Alma to take the throne. My life is here. The baby’s life will be here.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. The timing on this sucked. But he didn’t blame Emily. He’d been running when he went to Key West, afraid to admit that he was in over his head. He was the oldest son. He was Rafael the Fourth, the future king. He should be in command all the time. But the truth was he was lost.

And somehow in Emily’s arms he’d found something.

* * *

Carrying a King’s Child is part of the series Dynasties: The Montoros—One royal family must choose between love and destiny!

Dear Reader,

There is nothing I love better than a sexy alpha hero, a feisty heroine and some juicy scandal. Carrying a King’s Child has all of that plus a lot more! When Emily and Rafe meet, he is running away from a decision he knows has to be made. He needs a weekend to forget and just enjoy being young and carefree. They have that and more. So when Emily shows up on his doorstep six weeks later and tells him she’s pregnant...well, it’s more than either of them bargained for.

Emily doesn’t need a man to raise her child. A single mother raised her and she’s strong and independent. The only thing is, she never knew her father and that left questions inside of her that can never be answered. She doesn’t want her child to have that same experience.

I was born not too far from where this story is set in Miami, Florida, and could swim before I could walk. I shared a little bit of myself with Emily and her past. I know what it’s like to grow up with the sand between my toes and the sun always on my shoulders.

I had a great time writing their story and working with the other authors in this series. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Happy reading,



Emily Fielding was shaking as she stepped off the elevator into the foyer of Rafael Montoro IV’s penthouse in South Beach. The Montoros had settled in Miami, Florida, decades ago, when as the royal family of Alma, they had to flee their European island homeland because of a coup. Now the dictator who’d replaced them was dead and the parliament of Alma wanted the Montoros back.

With Rafe as king.

Great. Happy ending for everyone. Well, everyone except for Emily, the bartender who was pregnant with the soon-to-be-king’s baby. Or at least that was what her gut told her. Her gut and three home pregnancy tests. She wasn’t easy to convince.

She had debated not telling Rafe about the baby, but having grown up without knowing who her father was, she just couldn’t do that to her own child. Sure, she’d had to lie to get up here to his very posh penthouse apartment, and she knew her timing sucked because Rafe had a lot of royal duties to attend to before his coronation, but she was still here.

Getting past security hadn’t been that easy, but she’d made a few calls to friends and found that one of them had a connection to Rafe via a maid service. So she’d used Maria’s pass to get into the gated community and her key to get into his building.

Sneaking around wasn’t her style. Normally. But nothing about this situation was normal.

She was shaking as she stood on the Italian marble floor and let the air-conditioning dry the sweat at the small of her back. Luxurious and well appointed, the apartment was exactly the sort of place where she expected to find Rafe. His family might have fled Alma in the middle of the night, but they’d brought their dignity and their determination with them to the United States and this generation of Montoros had truly flourished.

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