Alpha Bravo SEAL

By: Carol Ericson
Navy SEAL Protector

When members of her film crew start being killed off, documentarian Nicole Hastings is relieved to find the man following her is Slade Gallagher—a navy SEAL sniper who once saved Nicole from Somali kidnappers. Now he’s shadowing her to trap the terrorists behind the killings and find out just what they want.

Nicole couldn’t be more different from the women Slade usually falls for. But he quickly learns that there’s a lot more to this socialite than he first thought. And as Slade’s admiration for her courage and resilience grows, so does his yearning. Protecting Nicole is an assignment, but can he let her go when it’s all over?

Red, White and Built

“You do not have to carry me upstairs.”

Looking into Nicole’s green eyes, Slade narrowed his gaze. “Because you don’t want this?”

“Oh, I want whatever this is, but you don’t have to lug me up the staircase to get it.”

He chuckled. Yep, like no other high-maintenance society girl he’d ever met.

“No lugging required. You’re as light as a feather.”

“That may be, but I just survived a sniper’s bullet and an attack on the train. I’m not going to risk tumbling down the stairs, even if I do end up on top of a hot navy SEAL.”

“You don’t have to take a fall down the stairs to wind up on top of this navy SEAL.”


Nicole Hastings—A documentary filmmaker who lives life on the edge, she finally pushes the envelope too far and must join forces with the navy SEAL sniper who already rescued her once, but this time the danger fuels an attraction that might burn them both.

Slade Gallagher—This navy SEAL sniper rescued Nicole from Somali pirates but now must protect her from an evil in her own backyard, and this time saving Nicole is a lot more up close and personal than seeing her through the scope of his sniper rifle.

Lars Rasmussen—Nicole’s cameraman has captured some footage that everyone wants to see, but anyone who possesses the film will get a target on his back.

Dave Pullman—He might be Lars’s friend, but Dave is not willing to die for that friendship.

Giles Wentworth—A member of Nicole’s film crew who died in a tragic car accident, or did he?

Trudy Waxman—Her friendship with Lars leads this actress to play a role that could mean life or death.

Conrad Walz—Trudy’s boyfriend might be jealous of her friendship with Lars, or he might be an impostor.

Dahir Musse—Nicole’s translator and guide in Somalia has gone missing since their kidnapping by pirates, but when he resurfaces he has a secret for Nicole that she may not want to hear.

Vlad—A sniper for the insurgents during the Gulf War caused trouble for Slade’s sniper team, but a wartime clash has turned into a personal vendetta.

Ariel—The mysterious person on the other end of an email address giving orders to Slade on his mission.

To Joanne, my trusty treasurer


Slade Gallagher sucked in a salty breath of air and got ready for the kill.

Oblivious to the sniper rifles pointed at their heads from the yacht bobbing on the water just over three hundred feet away from them, four Somali pirates held their hostages at gunpoint as they communicated their demands to the two men who’d boarded their rickety craft. The two were US Navy seamen, but the pirates didn’t know that—didn’t need to.

The relatively calm seas made tracking his target easy—and safe for the hostage.

Slade zeroed in on his target, his dark skin glistening in the sun, one skinny arm wrapped around the hostage’s throat, gun nestled beneath her ear. Slade’s focus shifted to the hostage, a young woman with light brown hair blowing across her face and a tall, thin body, taut and ready.

What the hell was a woman doing out here in the Gulf of Aden? The orders for this assignment had made clear that this rescue didn’t involve a cargo ship. This time the Somali pirates had captured a documentary film crew. Idiots.

Not that Slade couldn’t understand the thrill of risk taking, but he preferred risks that pitted him against a big wave or a cave on the ocean floor, not desperate men in desperate situations.

The negotiator waved his arm once and shifted his body to the right, giving the SEAL snipers their first signal and a clear view of all four pirates. Slade licked the salt from his lips and coiled his muscles. He adjusted the aim on his M107.

The snipers had to drop their targets at the same time—or risk the lives of the hostages. He tracked back to the pretty brunette, now scooping her hair into a ponytail with one hand and tilting her head away from her captor. Good girl.

Had the negotiators been able to hint to the hostages that a team of Navy SEAL snipers was on the boat drifting off their starboard and watching their every move? It didn’t matter. The men on deck would make their best assessment and the snipers would take action.

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