Amish Christmas Emergency

By: Dana R. Lynn
His phone rang. It was Alexa. His gut knotted. Why was she calling? Was something wrong? He punched the button to put the call on speaker.

“Alexa? What’s wrong?”

“Gavin?” He winced at the quaver in her voice. “I think someone was looking in my window.”

“Get away from the windows! I’m two minutes away.”

He flipped the switch to turn on his siren and set his lights flashing. The last mile and a half of the trip took forever. Finally, he arrived, pulling into the short driveway. As he hopped out of the car, the door opened.

“Go inside,” he ordered. “I’m going to take a look around.”

He waited until she had complied, then circled the house. There were indeed footsteps by her kitchen windows. The curtains were closed now. Had they been earlier? The prints in the snow circled the house. Whoever it had been, they’d been watching her for more than a few minutes.

The stalker was bold, that was for sure. And determined. There was one thing Jackson was absolutely sure of.

Alexa Grant was in grave danger.

Dear Reader,

Another author once told me that her own personal experiences somehow found their way onto the pages as she wrote. After writing my seventh Love Inspired Suspense, I believe it. A piece of me is in each book, including this one.

I’d started writing the story when my family was faced with the challenge of diabetes. I had much to learn! I decided to have Alexa share this challenge. The hero needed to understand it, too.

Gavin Jackson is charismatic, with a chip on his shoulder and a stubborn streak. He is also a man who takes caring for others to heart. He had lost much in the past, but Alexa is just the right woman to convince him to risk his heart again.

I love to hear from readers! To connect, you may visit me on my website, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.


Dana R. Lynn

What shall we then say to these things?

If God be for us, who can be against us?

—Romans 8:31

For my nephew, Andrew David. We waited a long time for you, but you were worth the wait. Love you.


To my husband and guys are my world. Love you.

Amy and Dee...I’d go crazy without you two and our monthly coffee hours.

Lee and have been a blessing to me in so many ways. Love you.

To my writer friends and critique partners...thanks for all your support and prayers through this journey.

To my Dream Team...I love you ladies!

Your encouragement and support mean so much!

My heart is so grateful!

To my editor, Elizabeth Mazer...thanks for all your wisdom and guidance.

To my agent, Tamela Hancock are a powerhouse! Your faith and your drive inspire me.

Lord Jesus...I ask that my words and actions always bring You glory.


“Megan, has Noah Hostetler arrived yet?”

Concern bit at nurse practitioner Alexa Grant as she hovered by the receptionist’s desk. It wasn’t like Noah to be late. He was always at least half an hour early. She knew for a fact that when the Amish man hired a driver to take him to his medical appointments, he booked them with plenty of wiggle room. A quick glance outside made her grimace. When she’d driven to work that morning, it had been cold, but the sky had been clear. Now, three hours later, a heavy sheet of snow and ice pelted the glass windows of the small medical clinic.

It figured. Her lips twisted. There hadn’t been any snow to speak of in LaMar Pond, Pennsylvania, back in November at Thanksgiving time. Now, only two weeks out from Christmas, the snow and freezing temperatures pounded the small town relentlessly, adding to the chaos of the season.

Chaos like the flu epidemic sweeping through northwestern Pennsylvania. It had hit LaMar Pond in the past three weeks. It was a virulent strain. One that was resistant to the vaccine. Several deaths had been reported throughout the affected area. It was hitting the local Amish community especially hard. In addition to her usual weekly home visits, Alexa had been out to see several children and one elderly woman already for the virus. Noah’s family had been hit, as well. Thankfully, his wife and children were on the mend.

Megan, the pretty young receptionist, shook her head, never looking up from her computer. Alexa didn’t take offense. Megan, like everyone else, was busier than usual. Even with the yearly shots, two nurses were already down with the flu. Nurses they couldn’t afford to do without. This was a clinic funded chiefly by donations. There wasn’t a hefty budget. The owners barely had enough staff to cover the clinic as it was.

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