Fiance by Friday(119)

By: Catherine Bybee

Then, as if he couldn’t stop himself, he kissed her.

Someone beside Neil cleared their throat. “Ah, Mac…we’re not at that part yet.”

Gwen giggled, turned toward the minister, and pledged her life to her husband…again.


A big shout out to Elaine McDonald from Elaine McDonald Photography. What started out as a online fan/friendship turned professional. Beautiful covers start with spectacular pictures, and this one was no exception. Thank you.

Chad and Caitlin Kutz for allowing me to use their wedding photo for Neil and Gwen’s story. Thank you!

To my own cheerleading squad at RT and RWA conference who stand beside me with the same shocked look on our faces. TJ McKay for making sure I stay grounded.

Caridad Pinero for your never-ending support. Jennifer Probst, HP Mallory, Katharine Ashe, and Megan Mulry for laughing at the same jokes and comparing notes.

For the random fans who just make going to conference such a joy.

Robin, drink wine and be happy. Felicia, who has a Chicago accent!

Sheryl, who takes more pictures of her food than she eats. And Bernie, the happy reader! Love you guys.

For everyone at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management and the entire Montlake team.

For Sandra Stixrude, always!

And finally, Crystal Posey, to whom I dedicated this book. You’re proof that not everyone you meet online is a flake or out to mess with you in a bad way. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate everything you do. To your family who supports your work and shares you with me.

Love you!


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