Catch, Release

By: Carol Ericson

Carol Ericson brings her Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged miniseries to a gripping conclusion with a missing child and the undercover agent who never knew he had a son!

Beau Slater once enjoyed an unforgettable night with a woman who matched him in brains, passion and black ops skills. Three years later he’s gone rogue to help the sexy Prospero agent find top secret weaponry plans—and rescue her kidnapped toddler from a vengeful arms dealer. What Beau doesn’t know is that Deb Sinclair’s son is his.

But for this mission, the freedom-loving bachelor will lay his life on the line for a child in danger and the woman he’s never forgotten. Yet how can he trust the cunning spy who’s already deceived him?

Waves of power and danger had emanated from him and washed over her like some seductive potion.

Their eyes had met across the room and an electric current had zapped her down to her toes. Just like now.

The rough pad of his thumb trailed across her cheek and over her lips, which throbbed at his touch. She dropped her lashes, avoiding the fire in his eyes, afraid of getting scorched once again.

It didn’t work.

His palm cradled the side of her head. His lips touched hers, and her bones melted.

She huffed out a breath against his mouth as she hooked an arm around his neck to stay vertical.

God help her. She’d fallen under his spell as quickly as she had in Zurich.

But now she had responsibilities. She planted her palms against his chest, and her fingers tingled to explore the hard slabs of muscle that shifted beneath his flannel shirt.

She pushed him away even as her lips kept contact with his.


Deb Sinclair—First female Prospero agent whose son has been kidnapped by international arms dealer Nico Zendaris. Now Zendaris is calling the shots and Deb has to follow his instructions to save her son, unless she can get help from an unlikely ally—her son’s father.

Beau Slater—A covert ops gun for hire, Beau can’t turn down a job from Prospero once he discovers the assignment is to track down rogue Prospero agent Deb Sinclair, the woman with whom he shared an unforgettable night three years ago.

Bobby Sinclair—Deb’s kidnapped son has a serious illness, one that can be cured only by his father, the father he’s never known.

Dr. Scott Herndon—This scientist and professor emeritus at MIT has something Deb needs to save her son, but will she be willing to kill him to get it?

Damon—Zendaris’s henchman. He has his own plans for Deb…and they might just get her son killed.

Jack Coburn—The head of Prospero has two problems on his hands—one of his best agents may have gone rogue and the contractor he hires to find her has his own agenda.

Nico Zendaris—An international arms dealer who was burned by Prospero Team Three. Now he wants revenge and he’s going to use Deb and her son to get it.

For all the strong women in my life

who keep it all together.

Chapter One

Deb’s eye twitched along with her trigger finger, but she wasn’t packing. They’d know. Somehow they knew everything, and they’d warned her if she didn’t come alone and unarmed they’d hurt Bobby.

She believed them. Nico Zendaris had made good on every threat so far. Why would she start doubting him now?

Her gaze darted among the faces surging around the frosty Boston street corner. Would someone give her a sign? She clutched her cell phone in the pocket of her coat. She didn’t know how they planned to contact her.

One if by land, two if by sea? She was in the right place for signals.

Someone bumped her and mumbled an apology. She stared at the stranger’s back, his broad shoulders encased in a puffy down jacket, as he lumbered down the sidewalk. Was that the sign?

She took a few uncertain steps after him, but he turned a corner and disappeared. Stumbling to a stop, she bit her lip. Should she go after him?

The message had ordered her to stand in this spot until further instructions. Was the bump an instruction? Or was the man just a clumsy pedestrian hurrying to his next appointment?

She no longer trusted her instincts since she’d allowed them to snatch Bobby. She should’ve known. She should’ve done more.

With a halting gait, she retraced her steps to the lamppost on the corner. If she did everything they asked of her, she’d get Bobby back. Zendaris had promised.

She ground her teeth against the sour bile rising from her gut. She knew better than to trust that man, but what choice did she have?

She’d have to trust him up to the moment he put a bullet in her head. Or she put one in his.

Her cell phone chirped, and she dragged it from her pocket with a hand shaking so badly she almost dropped the phone. She studied the blank display as the phone chirped again. She’d set her phone to vibrate.

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