Make Me Tremble

By: Beth Kery

Make Me Part 2

Chapter One

Harper stood there naked, panting, and completely undone. Her nerves still zinged following an intense climax wrought by Jacob Latimer’s magical hand. But that wasn’t what had her so overwhelmed and shockingly rearoused.

What had her so awestruck was witnessing his savage abandon as he’d found his own pleasure.

It’d really happened. All of it. Tension still seemed to roll off his body in waves. He’d jerked off, even as he’d nursed her through a powerful orgasm. Her stomach was wet with his semen. His cock was still clutched in his hand. She looked from his glistening sex to his shadowed face, stunned by how powerful the moment had been for her.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered between uneven breaths.

“Why?” she asked, her voice hollow with amazement.

“For the rush.”

“Oh,” she managed, bewildered. Her impression of him from earlier that evening was that he was typically in consummate control. Unhurried. She didn’t know him well enough to tell him that she’d found his raw, unchecked need arousing. You don’t know him at all, and yet you’re wet with his come and his hand is pressed against your pussy and his finger is inside you. The thought made her tighten around him. His head jerked up. He moved his hand subtly. Much to her horror, she moaned in reanimated pleasure.

She clearly had lost her mind.

“I guess it was all kind of . . . unexpected,” she said, reconsidering the strange turn of events of the past half hour. Of the whole evening, for that matter.

“You showing up here might have been unexpected. This wasn’t,” he said, again circling his hand on her sex for emphasis. She shivered.

“It wasn’t?” she whispered.

“No. I thought I made it clear I wanted you,” he replied quietly. “It was you I was thinking about, when you walked up. I had a head start on you.”

Harper suppressed an urge to laugh. He sounded so calm, talking about something as intimate as being caught masturbating.

He released his cock. The crown brushed across her belly. Then he was turning her in his arms to face the showerhead. Harper started to question him, but then he stepped closer and reached around her. He used his hands to rinse his semen from her skin. It was a surprisingly gentle gesture, especially when she considered how raw and forceful he’d been as he’d brought himself to orgasm. It distracted her, the feeling of his hands and the flowing hot water, the sensation of his still-formidable cock pressing against her lower back, his balls next to the base of her spine. His last words repeated in her head.

“I’m the one who should be apologizing to you,” she said, watching his dark hands glide across her stomach and ribs.

“Hmm?” He’d lowered his head. A shiver coursed through her at the low, rough rumble of his voice near her ear.

“I didn’t even do anything.”

“You exist. That’s enough, trust me.” Her cheeks heated at the warm amusement she heard in his tone. It’d been a potent compliment, genuine or not.

“I really did come to get my purse.”

“If you say so.” He reached around her and turned the tap, shutting off the shower.

“I couldn’t have known I’d find you out here,” she defended, turning because she’d sensed he’d moved away from her. Her mouth fell open at the moonlit vision of his gleaming, muscular back, powerful, long legs, and a mouthwatering ass. God, he was beautiful. Was it any wonder she’d been so uncharacteristically impulsive? He opened a cupboard, his actions once again unhurried and controlled. He turned toward her and she saw he held two towels in his hand.

“You could have come back in the morning,” he said, handing her a towel.

“My press pass is in my purse. I have a conference in the morning. I needed it first thing,” she replied, covering her body. He, on the other hand, didn’t bother to hide his nakedness. He used the towel to briskly dry himself with one hand.

“What would you like to do now?” he asked after a moment, dropping the hand that held the bunched-up towel to his side.

“Do?” she repeated. To hide her confusion, she busied herself with fastening the towel above her breasts.

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