Expecting:For the Babies' Sakes(72)

By: Sara Wood

‘I have a load of washing and you must surely have work to do,’ she said, with a look of mock innocence.

‘Washing. Hmm.’ He looked her up and down. ‘I think we could both do with a long, sensual bath.’

Helen ignored the fact that they’d both had a shower that morning. ‘With drawn curtains and candles. Chocolates. Music—’

‘Bye, Kate!’ Dan yelled. ‘Bye, Mark!’

The twins whirled around, their little faces bright with happiness. They both hurtled to the fence and Dan and Helen leaned over for their kisses.

‘Have a lovely time,’ she said to them both.

‘We will!’ they cried in glee and shot off.

‘And so will we,’ Dan murmured. ‘Trust me.’

‘Implicitly,’ she whispered. ‘Implicitly.’

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