Delta Force Defender

By: Carol Ericson

A beautiful target.

Her reluctant bodyguard.

Fiery, independent Cam Sutton will go to any length to prove his Delta Force mentor isn’t a terrorist—even bully the CIA into giving him the damning emails. But by-the-book CIA translator Martha Drake already knows the evidence is fishy, and it’s somehow connected to the recent attempts on her life. Soon the strong, capable soldier is her protector...and inciting a passion neither can deny. But will Cam still want to be her teammate once the real traitors are brought to justice?

Red, White and Built: Pumped Up

“It’s a game of cat and mouse, isn’t it? We try to find the evidence and he tries to make sure we don’t. When is he going to give it up?”

Cam shrugged and pulled her out of the chair. “When he’s tired of playing cat and mouse.”

“Or when I’m dead.”

“Don’t say that.” He placed his hands on her shoulders and massaged his thumbs into her skin.

“We both know the reason why he hasn’t taken his shot at me yet.”

“We do?” Cam ran his tongue over his dry teeth.

“It’s because you’re here, Cam. He knows I have some kind of badass bodyguard dogging me, and when you leave—” her shoulders tensed beneath his hands “—I’m a goner.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yet.” She tucked her head beneath his chin. “How many more days until you leave?”

“Shh.” He dropped his hands to her waist and pulled her body against his. “We have time. I’m gonna catch this guy, and when I do, he’ll pay—for everything.”


Martha Drake—A brainy CIA translator responsible for turning over the emails that first implicated Delta Force’s Major Rex Denver in a terrorist plot. She’s now having second thoughts about the veracity of those emails, but it might be too late. Now someone wants her to keep her mouth shut.

Cam Sutton—This impulsive Delta Force soldier will do anything to clear his commander’s name, including confronting the CIA translator who first discovered the phony emails implicating him. He soon realizes the translator is on his side, and now he must do everything in his power to protect her.

Casey Jessup—Martha’s roommate may seem like an airhead, but she may be more politically connected than Martha realizes. Those connections might not be enough to keep her out of danger.

Congressman Robert Wentworth—This politician winds up dead in Martha’s town house, but his death can’t be connected to the emails...can it?

Tony Battaglia—A bartender who knows too much for his own good, and doesn’t know when to keep quiet.

Sebastian Forsythe—A fellow nerd, Sebastian and Martha dated a few times. He’s good at fixing computers. Is he also good at planting evidence?

“Ben”—He seems to have his fingers in all the pies, but nobody can identify him and nobody knows his real name. He may be the key to absolving Major Denver or he may be the major’s worst nightmare.

Major Rex Denver—Framed for working with a terrorist group, the Delta Force commander has gone AWOL and is on the run. He knows he’s onto a larger plot, and he can count on his squad to have his back and help clear his name.


A bug scuttled across his face, but Major Rex Denver didn’t move one coiled, aching muscle. Twenty feet below him at the bottom of the hill, an army ranger team thrashed through the bushes, their voices loud and penetrating in the dead of the Afghan night.

Rex clenched his jaw as if willing the rangers to do the same. Didn’t they realize this mountainous area was crawling with the enemy?

His eye twitched. To those rangers, Major Rex Denver was the enemy.

He didn’t blame those boys for being out here searching for him. Hell, he’d be out here hunting down a traitor to his country, too.

He resettled his rifle and rested his finger on the trigger, not that he’d ever use it against any branch of the US Military. If the rangers found him, he’d go peacefully—but they’d never find him.

He’d started as a ranger himself, and after twenty years in Delta Force, leading his own team, he’d honed his skills at subterfuge and escape to perfection. They wouldn’t catch him, but he’d die before he allowed the enemy that roamed these hills to catch those rangers.

One of the rangers yelled out. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

Rex rolled his eyes. If that soldier was on his team, the wrath of hell would come down on him for that behavior. Rex had to bring the hammer down on Cam Sutton, one of the younger Delta team members, more than a few times for reckless behavior.

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