Navy SEAL Spy

By: Carol Ericson

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Fresh out of the Navy, Liam McCabe has plenty to prove and the skills to back it up. His first mission is straightforward—infiltrate and then expose criminal organization Tempest. Until he runs into Katie O’Keefe. Now he’s engaged in a high-stakes game of espionage with the one woman who can blow his cover. As far as reunion  s go, this one is likely to go down in flames. It’s a chance Liam is willing to take in order to complete his mission. Even if everything inside him wishes he could hold off on saving the world and work on giving their relationship another chance.

“Protection is my job, and I know I blew it before, but I’m not going to make that mistake again.”

Her lashes fluttered against her smooth cheeks. “I wasn’t in any danger when you left me to do another tour.”

“You were in danger of erecting your hard shell again. I’d broken through. I’d made you feel safe and loved, and then I snatched all that away.” He skimmed the pad of his thumb along her jaw. “And I never even said I was sorry.”

“You did what you had to do.” She shrugged, and he put his hands on her raised shoulders.

“Don’t. Don’t pretend it didn’t hurt. Don’t pretend I didn’t betray your trust, your…love.”

Her chest rose and fell as she twisted her fingers in her lap. “Liam, I...”

He held his breath, waiting for the words he’d needed to hear from her two years ago.

Instead an explosion rocked the car and lit up the night sky.


Liam McCabe—A covert ops agent and former navy SEAL who runs into his ex-fiancée while working undercover and must choose between protecting her and accepting the help only she can give.

Katie O’Keefe—A computer hacker who has her own reasons for working undercover gets more than she bargains for when she discovers her ex-fiancé is employed by the same agency. Can she ignore the man who broke her heart, or will she wind up getting them both killed?

Sebastian Cole—A former Tempest agent who commits suicide, prompting his closest friend to find answers.

Garrett Patterson—His death confirms Katie’s suspicions about her employer…and puts her own life in danger.

Ginger Spann—This tightly wound executive has special plans for Katie that may facilitate her access to Tempest’s secrets, but will also place her firmly in the eye of the storm.

Mr. Romo—The man in charge of the Tempest training facility has a weakness for strong women, which just might lead to his demise.

Samantha Van Alstyn—Katie’s coworker pays the price for a case of mistaken identity.

Dustin Gantt—This recruit’s suspicious behavior has Liam wondering if he’s friend or foe.

Caliban—The mysterious leader of Tempest, the black ops organization that’s trying to throw world affairs into chaos, wants to rule the world and satisfy his vendetta against Jack Coburn and Prospero in the process.

Chapter One

A soft footfall outside the door raised the hair on the back of Katie’s neck. With her gaze riveted to the dull silver handle of the door, she watched it go down slowly and then click against the lock.

She spun around on the toes of her low-heeled shoes and launched toward the closet. Good thing she’d mapped out an escape route days ago after studying the layout of the offices. Of course, the closet would be more like a trap than an escape if someone decided to investigate.

Holding her breath, she slipped into the claustrophobic space and crouched behind some boxes. She had a sliced-up view of the office through the slats on the closet door.

The door to the office swung open, and the figure of a man filled the frame. “I didn’t expect to see you here this late.”

Her heart slammed against her chest, and she rocked back on her heels with her rehearsed excuse running through her head.

A woman answered from the hallway. “I forgot some papers in my office and wanted to do some work at home. What’s your excuse?”

The blood rushed to Katie’s head, and she planted her hand against a box to steady herself. She pressed her other hand against her mouth to stifle her panting breath. Of course, nobody could see her through the slats and behind the boxes—yet.

The man, Garrett Patterson, responded. “I thought I’d left my office door unlocked and came back to check it out. I had no intention of doing any more work, unlike some people. You work too hard, Ginger. Do you ever turn off that brain of yours?”

Ginger Spann’s tinkling laugh sounded close. She must’ve entered the room behind Garrett.

“Just like a man to think a woman has to turn off her brain to relax or...enjoy herself.”

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