Secured by the SEAL

By: Carol Ericson

Revenge is personal—especially for one navy SEAL

To find her sister, therapist Britt Jansen goes deep undercover at the core of a Russian mob. Navy SEAL sniper Alexei Ivanov is also infiltrating the club—but while Britt is driven by desperation to find family, Alexei’s motivation is stone-cold vengeance. Teaming up yields more than either of them expected—the horrific truth behind the club’s backroom business, and an attraction that could rip them apart.

Alexei’s blue eyes darkened and kindled as if a flame burned in their depths.

He took her hand gently and turned it over, drilling a finger in the center of her palm. “You do have me...for now.”

Britt snatched her hand away and jumped up from the couch. Did he have to be so brutally honest? Was she asking for forever?

Although she wouldn’t mind forever. She pressed a hand to her warm cheek. He’d seen it in her face.

Alexei appeared next to her, resting one hand on her hip. “I mean, I’m here for as long as you need me.”

She cracked a smile. “Be careful making promises you can’t keep, Russki.”

His hand slid to her waist, and the kiss he pressed against her lips tasted of vodka and expensive cigars and an aching truth.

He whispered against her mouth, “I can’t promise you anything more than tonight.”

After she untangled her tongue from his, she whispered back, “I’m good with tonight.”


Britt Jansen—Her sister missing under mysterious circumstances, Britt establishes a fake ID and gets a job at the strip club in Hollywood where her sister worked. She gets entangled in more than she bargained for and must join forces with a sexy navy SEAL who may or may not want the same things she does.

Alexei Ivanov—This navy SEAL sniper has a score to settle with the Russian mob who murdered his father, but his plans for revenge hit a snag when he agrees to help a fearless psychologist willing to stare down evil to find her sister.

Leanna Low—Britt’s half sister is a flaky artist and recovered drug addict who lives life on the wild side, but this time she may have crossed the line.

Jerome Carter—The bartender at the strip club where Leanna worked knows more than he’s telling; will he be willing to spill his guts?

Jessie Mack—A cocktail waitress who just might be following the same dangerous path as Britt’s sister.

Tatyana Porizkova—A young woman from Russia who comes to the United States to live out her dreams, but may have found a nightmare instead.

Olav Belkin—A member of the Russian mob, he murdered Alexei’s father and may now be involved in dealings with terrorists, giving Alexei even more reason to bring him down.

Sergei Belkin—Olav’s only son and the manager of the strip club, Sergei knows how to keep his father’s secrets and how to keep the women who work for him in line.

Ariel—The mysterious person running the Vlad Taskforce has no idea Alexei has gone after Belkin for his own reasons, but is willing to use Alexei’s thirst for revenge to get more intel on Vlad.

Vlad—A sniper for the insurgents during the Gulf War has begun assembling an international terrorist network and has no qualms about using the Russian mob to further his agenda.


The sun shimmered across the water of the Black Sea, but Alexei had his Dragunov pointed at the land, specifically a patch of emerald green lawn that rolled down to the beach. Alexei’s lip curled at the deadly irony of training his Russian-made sniper rifle on...Russians.

The boat bobbed, and Alexei widened his stance, speaking into the mic clipped to his T-shirt. “We’d better get a signal here soon before the wind kicks up any more.”

From another boat, his team leader’s voice crackled. “We’re waiting for one more member to show up—the most important one, an old-style gangster from the Vory v Zakone.”

A muscle in Alexei’s jaw jumped at the name of the gang that used to be the most feared and influential criminal organization in the old Soviet union  . New gangs had cropped up since the breakup of the Soviet union  , but the Vory would always be revered by the criminal world even as its relevance slipped away.

Slade, the team member sharing Alexei’s boat, hunched forward slightly. “Why do we have to wait for him? We’re not shooting any of the mob, right?”

“Nope.” Alexei licked the salt spray from his lips. “But he’s going to lead his terrorist friends into position on the lawn. I guess it’s his house. He’s their host.”

Slade whistled between his teeth. “Who said crime didn’t pay?”

“Not me.” Alexei swept his scope along the large, rambling summer mansion perched at the edge of the sea in the Bulgarian Riviera.

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