One Night with a SEAL

By: Tawny Weber & Beth Andrews

One night. Two SEAL brothers. Endless sexy possibilities!

All Out by Tawny Weber

Navy SEAL Zane Bennett can’t walk away from a challenge. He’s determined to win a bet with his brother—until he collides with the luscious Vivian Harris. Their attraction is immediate and searingly hot, but Zane can’t bring himself to bow out of the bet. Now the game is really on...and Zane is embroiled in a wicked matchup he can’t resist!

All In by Beth Andrews

Of the Bad Boy Bennett twins, Navy SEAL Xander is always the gentleman. That is, until he’s challenged to go against his brother for a date with Quinn Oswald—the girl Xander’s wanted since high school! It takes only one kiss for Quinn and Xander’s deliciously sexy chemistry to explode. But how much is Xander willing to gamble...before he goes all in?

Praise for Tawny Weber

“Tawny Weber has a gift when it comes to writing about hot SEALs and the woman they fall for.”

—Lush Book Reviews

“Fiery hot sex scenes, strong characters and exciting action make this one of the best stories in the Uniformly Hot! miniseries—and one of the best Blaze reads.”

—RT Book Reviews on A SEAL’s Seduction

“Tawny Weber’s characters generate enough heat to melt the polar ice cap! I double dare you to pick up this book.”

—New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson on Double Dare

Praise for Beth Andrews

“Ms. Andrews can take any storyline and make it unforgettable. Her characters are so strong and powerful and unique.”

—Fresh Fiction

“Beth Andrews goes on my list of auto-buy series romance authors. I liked the story, I liked the characters and hours after I had closed the book, they were still on my mind. That’s a good read in my opinion.”

—All About Romance on A Not-So-Perfect Past

“Readers can always count on Beth Andrews to spin an emphatic tale with a loving HEA.”



Tawny Weber

Dear Reader,

I’m excited about All Out for a few reasons. First, Vivian and Zane were so fun to write. Sexy and challenging, they’re both all about pushing themselves to get the most out of life. As a SEAL, Zane is one of the best—a fact that Vivian is thrilled to enjoy.

Another reason I’m excited about All Out is that this two-in-one was written with an author I admire so much, my best friend Beth Andrews. We had a great time going back and forth in the creation of these sexy twin Bennett brothers and their hot love stories.

As I finish writing my thirtieth story for Blaze, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since my very first book, Double Dare, was published by Harlequin! I’ve loved sharing my stories with all of you awesome Blaze readers and hope you’ve loved reading them just as much. Blaze is filled with fabulous stories, amazing authors and a great team at Harlequin, and while I’m so sad to say goodbye, I am excited to share All Out with you.

As I say goodbye, though, I’m thrilled to be saying hello to HQN Books. My SEAL Brotherhood trilogy consists of Call to Honor, Call to Engage and Call to Redemption. These stories have the same hot, sexy feel as my Blazes, but are bigger and filled with more emotional depth and intensity. I hope you’ll check them out. I hope, too, that you’ll subscribe to my newsletter at to hear about more new releases, great story news and to stay in touch.

Happy reading!

Tawny Weber

To everyone at Blaze, those who read the books, write the books and produce the books.

Thank you for the wonderful journey.



Sweat dripping into his eyes, Zane Bennett narrowed them enough to glare at the guy shimmying past him on the rope. He couldn’t tell from behind who it was, but it didn’t matter. The other man was breaking away, getting ahead.

Losing was one thing that Zane personally detested but had learned to accept when competing with fellow SEALs. After all, they were the best.

But losing to a sore winner?

Damned if that was okay.

Zane dug deep for more power. Ignoring his screaming muscles, he kicked it up from high gear to the unsustainable but kick-ass superhigh gear. Palms burning, biceps quivering, shoulders rippling, he yanked himself up his rope in three quick pulls. Rather than vaulting the wall at the top, he flipped over it, landing on the other side, double-timing it through the rest of the obstacle course to take the lead. He kept it through the three-mile run back to base, where he crossed the unofficial finish line and dropped into the sand to huff for air.

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