Meant-to-Be Baby(73)

By: Lois Richer

“Yep.” After another kiss, Ben began to tell her his latest plans to develop The Haven so even more foster kids could find refuge and comfort.

When he realized Victoria and Grace had both fallen asleep, he simply smiled and began making notes on the back of his plane ticket until the nurse came in and demanded he move his rental car.

“Would you mind asking someone else to do that?” Ben said. “It took me a long time to get home and now that I’m here, I’m not leaving.” He glanced down at his family. “I’ve got a lot of responsibilities to attend to.”

And he could hardly wait to get started.

With God’s help.

* * * * *

Dear Reader,

Hi there! Welcome to The Haven, where God works things together to help His children. I love the Canadian Rockies. There’s something about those craggy peaks and teal-blue lakes that reminds me that God is far bigger and more powerful than I can imagine.

Victoria needed to return to The Haven to recover her faith and trust in God—and in love. It wasn’t easy, until she accepted that God loved her. Period. Not because she earned it but because God is love. Ben, too, struggled with acceptance of himself and his past failures. He feared parenting his nephew because he might fail again. It took him some time to realize that’s why God’s in charge.

I hope you’ll return to The Haven for Adele’s story. This good-natured chef wants a perfect family, but maybe perfect isn’t part of God’s plan for her life at all.


Lois Richer

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