Bulletproof SEAL

By: Carol Ericson


Rikki Taylor—A CIA agent who was captured in North Korea, she’s now free with a different identity. She’s ready to track down the people who set her up—including her navy SEAL lover, who had her in his crosshairs with orders to take her out.

Quinn McBride—Racked with guilt and remorse for playing a role in the North Koreans’ capture of Rikki, this navy SEAL sniper will do anything in his power to protect her…and the baby he never knew they had.

Jeff Banks—A CIA agent on a mission to pass information to Rikki, although he doesn’t know her true identity…or does he?

David Dawson—Rikki’s partner and CIA mentor died on their mission to North Korea, but he may not have been completely honest with Rikki about the nature of that mission.

Belinda Dawson—David’s wife may know more than she’s willing to admit, because what she knows just might end up killing her.

Frederick Von—David’s contact for the secret mission to North Korea. He also shares a name with a traitorous character in David’s novel, which may or may not be a coincidence.

Vlad—A sniper for the insurgents during the Gulf War. He has been assembling an international terrorist network that has infiltrated United States security agencies, but his luck may have run out when he finally meets his match.

Ariel—The mysterious head of the Vlad task force, Ariel is now ready to reveal her identity in order to take out the enemy…and it’s personal.


The sweat stung Quinn’s eyes and he squeezed them shut for a second—just a second before he refocused on his target. Rikki’s beautiful face swam before him in his scope, her red hair standing out like a burst of flame against the emerald green landscape. Quinn’s hand trembled.

He shifted his sniper rifle to the two North Korean soldiers walking behind Rikki, prodding her forward. They had rifles pointed at her back. Quinn spit the sour taste out of his mouth, along with the mud from the hillside in the DMZ between North and South Korea.

Someone had misinformed the CIA. Rikki Taylor was no rogue operative working with the North Koreans. She was their captive…unless she’d set up this whole scene for cover.

Quinn knew better than anyone about Rikki’s duplicitous nature. But this? Working with the enemy to damage her own government and put her fellow CIA agents at risk?

He had a hard time believing Rikki would endanger agents in the field. Quinn lowered his sniper rifle and swiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

The trio below him stopped, and one of the soldiers pulled out a bottle of water.

Squinting, Quinn scanned the lush land where the borders of North and South Korea met—a no-man’s-land where hostility and mistrust haunted the verdant beauty—not to mention the scattered land mines. This mistrust permeated his pores, had him doubting his mission, a mission he should’ve refused once he’d discovered the target.

He would’ve had to have come up with a good reason to refuse an assignment from the navy—even after that untraceable text he’d received. He could’ve tried the truth, but then he would’ve come under suspicion. Then his pride had taken over and he had to prove that he could carry out the assignment, prove his professionalism and dedication.

He snorted softly, and the leaves on the branch tickling his nose stirred. Prove to whom? His old man?

The group on the ground was on the move again, and Quinn took up his position. His rifle weighed on his shoulder like a lead block. His breath came out in short spurts.

Usually before he dropped a target, a deadly calm descended on him. Now, his heart raced and his trigger finger twitched. In this condition he’d be lucky to hit that boulder twenty feet away.

He closed his eyes and took a deep, steadying breath through his nose and blew it out through puckered lips. He swallowed. He shifted. He braced the toes of his boots against the rock behind him.

Then he refocused. He put Rikki Taylor in his crosshairs for the last time.

Rikki licked her lips, and Quinn could almost taste their sweet honey on his own tongue. She tossed her fiery hair over one shoulder.

Quinn blinked and, in the split second of that one blink, Rikki attacked one of the guards, going for his weapon.

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