Kansas City Cop(81)

By: Julie Miller

Mike read the agreement on Troy’s face and nodded. “I think feeling safe and building self-confidence all fits into that wellness goal we strive for. Just let me know when and I’ll schedule the gym for you.”

Frannie came out of her office carrying a computer pad. “As long as you leave Monday and Wednesday nights open. That’s when Colin Cho and Frank McBride are coming in for their PT.”

Mike couldn’t deny the recent upturn in business. Or the credit Gina deserved for helping him. “I wouldn’t have thought you’d be the best PR person. But you’ve brought in a half dozen new clients from KCPD.”

Gina shrugged. “Cops have a lot of back and joint issues. I just suggested they come here.”

Troy rolled his chair up beside Frannie. “Hey, you signed up for Gina’s class? You gonna wear those tight shorts you had on the last time you worked out?”

“Troy!” Her freckles disappeared beneath a healthy blush.

“Like I’m not gonna notice.” Troy grabbed Frannie around the waist and pulled her into his lap before wheeling them both into the gym. “C’mon, Sunshine. Let’s get you warmed up.”

Once they were alone in the hallway, Gina smiled. “They seem happy.”

“They do.” Mike led her into his office and set lunch out on his desk while Gina closed the door. “What about you, Tiger? Are you happy?”

“What do you think?” Gina was right there when he faced her. She nudged him onto the edge of the desk, moved between his legs and kissed him very, very thoroughly.

Mike returned the favor, pulling her onto her toes and taking over the kiss. When she mewled that telltale hum in her throat that told him they were about to take this embrace past the point of no return, Mike set her back on her feet. He settled his hands at her waist, resting his forehead against hers as they both struggled to return their breathing to normal. “Do you like working the special victims unit? I know how badly you wanted SWAT.”

“There’ll be other SWAT teams. The guys who made it deserve the honor.” She tilted her gaze up to his, sharing an honest, beautiful smile. “Maybe one day my shoulder will be good enough so I can make the cut. If not, I’m okay. I think I’m really good at what I’m doing now.”

“You’d be good at anything you set your mind to.”

“Your dad doesn’t still feel guilty about not putting me on the new SWAT team, does he?”

“No. I think he’s happier to know he’s got you for a future daughter-in-law.”

Resting her hand against his chest, Gina eyed the simple solitaire he’d given her. “Me, too.”

They shared another kiss before sitting down to lunch. As it often did between them, the conversation turned to her work and family. By the time they’d finished, she’d updated him on the Bismarck brothers, who were both in jail now. Rollo Molina’s health was still a concern, but his stress was more manageable now that Mike had moved the family into his home. Lupe cooked, Javier helped with the yard and Gina had planted a garden. Bobby Estes was still trading favors for fast cars in No-Man’s Land, but at least he’d stopped pestering Sylvie. “We’ll have to catch him at something where we can make the arrest stick,” Gina groused. “But I like a project.”

“Just say the word and I will help you do whatever is necessary to get Estes off the streets.” Mike stood as Gina circled the desk to meet him.

“Not a cop, Cutler.”

“No, but you are, Gina Galvan.” He leaned in to kiss the teasing reminder off her mouth. “You’re my cop.”

* * * * *

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