A Pleasing Temptation(65)

By: Deborah Fletcher Mello

She was gyrating unabashedly as he kissed his way back to her breasts, suckling one and then the other, then biting the skin beneath her chin, until he reached her mouth and kissed her. His tongue darted back and forth with hers. She gasped as he eased himself between her thighs, using his knees and body to pry her legs open. Kamaya gasped loudly, calling his name over and over again as he eased himself into her, dropping himself deep into her most sacred place. Wesley pressed his mouth back to hers. “I love you, Mrs. Walters,” he whispered against her lips. “I love you.”

Tears misted Kamaya’s eyes. There was no need for words, the emotion caught deep in the wealth of energy that filled her spirit. She choked back the sobs that obstructed her voice. She loved him. More than she’d ever imagined possible. She loved him and every fiber of her being wanted to tell him, and so she answered him with her tongue, and her touch, and the easy caress of her body against his.

Wesley slowly eased the length of himself into and out of her. Moisture dripped past his thick lashes, mingling with the tears that streamed over Kamaya’s cheeks. The moment was surreal, the magnitude of the experience sweeping sensations through them that neither had ever experienced before. The temptation was pleasing as his mouth locked to hers, his breath kissing her breath. Kamaya lifted her hips and welcomed Wesley home. It was ecstasy and the Promised Land and Eden, promising them both more than either could ever again want. It was bliss.

* * * * *

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