Falling for the Brother(102)

By: Tara Taylor Quinn

Mason looked up at Harper. “You…when…”

“Mommy told me how you helped her one time, because my other…daddy asked you to when she was sad. She said how you helped her feel better and that made you my daddy. She said because we didn’t want to hurt my other daddy’s feelings, you were keeping that a secret. But now that he’s in heaven he would want Mommy to tell.”

It hadn’t been quite like that, but close enough.

Mason lifted Brianna off the ground and into his arms. “You’re most definitely the baby I always wanted,” he said to her, then reached for Harper, pulling her into their hug. “And Mommy is the mommy I always wanted, too,” he said. His voice was strong, sure, but his eyes were still glazed with tears. “I had a special present for tonight, too,” he said, releasing Harper to reach into his pocket. He pulled out a black box and handed it to Brianna. “Open it.”

And as she did, he said, “Harper and Brianna, will you marry me?”

Harper grinned, she cried, she opened her mouth, but before she could say a word, Brianna pulled the ring out of the box and said, “Oh, yes, we will! Won’t we, Mommy?”

Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed Harper’s arm, pulling her hand up and putting the ring on the little finger of her left hand.

There were still some things to teach their daughter. And many things she was sure to teach them, but Harper knew all she had to know that night.

She loved. She was loved.

The rest would take care of itself.

* * * * *

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