The Big Break(3)

By: Cara Lockwood

This didn’t help. She felt like hyperventilating. She didn’t know what was sexier: his house or his body.

“So, Jun, how can I help you?”

“We met last year?” Jun said, now distracted by his expensive furniture and what had to be an $18 million view. At least. Eighteen, maybe even twenty.

“Last year?” He scoffed a little, staring at her blankly. Then he studied her, his dark eyes giving her body a slow, appreciative sweep. “Uh...did we...?” He trailed off.

Jun realized with a start he thought they might have hooked up.

“Oh, no. I mean, no, we didn’t.” Now her neck felt as if it were on fire. Even her ears burned. Not that I wouldn’t go for that. Right here on this gleaming wood floor. “We met at the hospital.”

Kai’s face darkened, the playfulness instantly disappearing. “The hospital,” he repeated.

The tsunami had been life changing for her and Po, but for Kai, clearly it hadn’t made much of an impression at all. And, she understood with sharp disappointment, neither had she.

“I’m...uh...Po’s mom.”

Kai furrowed his brow as if trying to remember. “Po?”

“Kai?” A woman’s voice called from one of the hallways.

“Oh, minute.” Kai turned toward the voice, moving away from the rich koa-wood table in his living room.

“Kai? Everything okay?” The woman’s voice drifted in from a back room, and as Jun turned, she saw a tall blonde, wearing nothing but a man’s white button-down oxford with the bottom three buttons done up, long tanned legs on display and her ample, gravity-defying cleavage showing. Her mascara had seeped into dark rings around her eyes, but given her half-naked state, Jun doubted anybody else noticed. The woman clearly didn’t care about anyone seeing her either, as she moved closer to Kai and the door. Of course a mansion like this would have an accessory like that: a gorgeous model type ready to serve the owner’s every whim.

“Sorry, sweetheart, just give me a minute,” Kai said as the blonde wiggled her way in for a kiss, putting her hands on the man’s amazing chest, exactly where Jun would have, too, right in the sternum, her other hand trailing the ridges of his abs. Jun felt a hot flash of envy.

“But today’s our last day on the island!” the woman said, jutting her lower lip out in a pout. Great, a tourist, too! Figures.

“Babe?” Another woman emerged from somewhere in the house. Jun moved a little and saw a glimpse of stainless steel, granite and an ornate minitiled backsplash, all slate gray and white. This woman wore a bikini and held a fruity drink in her hand. “We’re out of ice.”

Jun nearly barked out a harsh laugh. Now it had gone from uncomfortable to downright ludicrous. She’d assumed someone as gorgeous and rich as Kai wouldn’t be single, but two women at once? Was it the Playboy Mansion in here?

It was the cold, brisk wake-up call she needed. She’d been in some kind of daze, drawn in by the power of Kai’s charisma, but now she snapped to attention. Every fiber in her all-organic, holistic-yoga-loving body rebelled against the scene. There was such a thing as too much sex. She’d done a whole paper on it for her graduate class last year on Qigong, the study of meditation and healing. You gave away too much of your Chi during sex, and then you didn’t have enough energy left over for anything else. Kai looked as if he barely had enough energy to hold open his front door. Obviously these women had spent all night draining the man of his...Chi.

She didn’t need any ancient Chinese alternative-medicine theories to tell her that Kai was on the wrong path. And that if she got involved with him, she’d be, too. The realization made her feel a little bit better somehow. You couldn’t get with him anyway, but even if you did, would you want to be one more woman through a revolving door?

The two women, apparently sensing competition, closed ranks around Kai. The other came up and slid her hand through the crook of his free arm. Both women eyed her with interest, trying to surmise if they needed to defend their territory. Jun felt like telling them not to bother.

“I’m going to go,” she said, wanting to get out of there, fast.

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