Healing Heart 3: Just a Little Kiss(48)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I’m good with that,” she whispered and stood up on tiptoes and kissed his lips. He lifted her up and hugged her.

“Your friends miss you though,” Dell said, drying his hair with a towel and then walking toward the dresser to grab clothes.

Fogerty walked in and stood by the doorway just as she dropped the towel.

She glanced at him as Watson sat on the bed, leaned back, and watched her dress.

She stepped into the thong panties, and Fogerty walked closer. She could feel them watching her as she put on her bra and reached back to clip it, but her ribs were sore.

“Let me,” Fogerty whispered and leaned down to kiss her bare shoulder then cup both breasts before he pulled back and clipped the bra.

She adjusted herself and then reached for the dress and felt Fogerty’s palm slide along her ass and then her thigh. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder.

“I love you so much. I can’t wait to come back home tonight and make love to you again.”

She closed her eyes, reached back, and caressed his thighs. “I love you, too. I can’t wait to be unwrapped.”

“Let’s get her dressed, or we won’t be going anywhere.”

Watson chuckled, and she felt Fogerty release her, and then she stepped into the dress.

“I got this,” Watson said, and she turned and he zipped her up, letting his knuckles slide along her spine, and he kissed her shoulder. She looked up at Fogerty, saw the scar from his accident, and it still bothered her. She reached up and stroked his cheek and then the scar. He took her hand and kissed it.

“Come on,” he said, and she stepped into her sandals and then went to check herself in the mirror and fix her hair before they headed to Mike’s place.

She felt incredibly nervous until she arrived and was greeted with hugs and kisses and well wishes from everyone. Watson had filled her in on who’d helped to rescue her and also about Wegman being killed, as well.

As the day went on and everyone talked and enjoyed spending time with good friends, she really began to appreciate her life and how lucky she had been to survive such an ordeal. She was taking things day by day, but with counseling and the help of her lovers and her friends, she had the feeling she would be just fine. When she thought back to the days of her past, the pain, the fears, she knew that they had almost broken her completely and sucked the life from her. Then she’d met Fogerty, Watson, and Dell. Just a little kiss and it had begun her journey to a happy ever after, finding true love, and a life worth fighting for and worth living.


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