Polar Opposites (Alpha Province #1)

By: Becca Van

Alpha Province: Polar Opposites

The day Emmy Warren thwarted a terrorist attack on political delegates convention at a prestigious hotel in downtown Houston, Texas, was the day her life turned upside down.

After being a key witness in a trial Emmy thought she’d be free to return to her life, but she was wrong. For twelve long month’s she’s been on the run while working her way across America. By the time she sets foot in Ambrose, North Dakota, she’s tired, hungry, and angry.

Declan Swish, Brooks McKay, and Jett Burns know as soon as they see and scent Emmy that she’s their mate. However, convincing her take a chance on them isn’t going to be easy. Especially when they need tell her about their inner animals, but they aren’t about to lie to her.

Thankfully, their mate is no shrinking violet, and they show her they aren’t handing her a line.

When danger follows Emmy to town, it’s up to her mates to find and rescue her with the help of their friends.

They just hope they aren’t too late.


My name is Becca Van. I live in Australia with my wonderful hubby of many years, as well as my two children.

I read my first romance, which I found in the school library, at the age of thirteen and haven’t stopped reading them since. It is so wonderful to know that love is still alive and strong when there seems to be so much conflict in the world.

I dreamed of writing my own book one day but, unfortunately, didn’t follow my dream for many years. But once I started I knew writing was what I wanted to continue doing.

I love to escape from the world and curl up with a good romance, to see how the characters unfold and conflict is dealt with. I have read many books and love all facets of the romance genre, from historical to erotic romance. I am a sucker for a happy ending.


Emmy Warren hummed as she wheeled her cleaning trolley down the hall of the St. Regis Hotel in Houston, Texas. She had been working hard all day and was exhausted, but thankfully this was the last room she needed to clean before she could finish up.

The hotel staff were running here and there in stressful pandemonium, because tomorrow was the first day of the political convention which would last for three days straight. She had no idea why everyone was in so much of a frenzy. It wasn’t as if the rooms weren’t cleaned on a daily basis, but the manager was giving orders left and right as if he was a drill sergeant. However, since this was a five-star hotel and it was booked solid for three or more days, she guessed the manager wanted everything just so.

Emmy stopped walking when she heard shouting coming from the room she was headed toward to clean and frowned. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone in that room. It wasn’t booked until tomorrow. She’d been going to vacuum and dust as well as replace the clean towels in the bathroom so that they would smell fresh. The room hadn’t been used in a couple of weeks, and while it was probably mostly clean, she’d been told to give it a thorough going-over.

She glanced up and down the hallway but didn’t see anyone, and now she couldn’t hear anyone either. Had whoever was in the room heard her coming? She had been humming, but she didn’t think she’d been doing so very loudly. A frisson of alarm raced up her spine when she heard a soft popping sound and then a heavy dull thud.

The blood drained from her face, and fear coursed through her quaking body. Her heart slammed against her chest, and sweat broke out under her arms and between her breasts.

Emmy was about to turn tail and run but ended up holding her breath instead when she heard someone talking. Is the door to the room slightly ajar?

“What the hell are we going to do now?” a deep accented voice asked.

“We’ll deal,” another man replied.

Is that voice familiar?

“You just killed our communications expert,” the same familiar voice said.

“What the fuck did you want me to do?” Accented Voice asked. “He was going to blow the whole thing.”

“Yeah, I get that. I can’t believe the asshole changed his mind about the mission.”

“We don’t need him. All the equipment is here. You can hand it out tomorrow,” Accented Voice said.

“Are the charges in place?” the other man asked.

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