Married in Name Only

By: Jules Bennett

Here comes the blackmailed bride

...and her Texas Cattleman’s Club groom!

Paisley Morgan just discovered that Texas’s most infamous billionaire could be her real father. Now she needs the help of her infuriating and incredibly sexy ex, investigator Lucas Ford. But Lucas will accept only one payment: Paisley’s hand in marriage. But will his thirst for revenge outlast their passion-filled nights as Paisley proves to be much more than a wife in name only?

“Coming here was a mistake...”

Lucas knew he had her. Paisley was in a bind and he could help...with a price.

No reason they couldn’t help each other, right? Besides, he’d given up on fairy-tale thinking long ago. He knew love was just a four-letter word people tossed around to benefit their own needs.

“The only mistake would be you walking out again, Tart.”

Her lips thinned. “If we’re done with the past, then stop calling me that.”

She was still so damn sexy when her cheeks tinged pink when she got angry. Every part of him wanted to give her hand a yank until she stumbled down onto his desk, where he could give her a proper reunion    .

Business first. She’d taught him that valuable lesson.

“I’ll help you,” he told her, keeping his hand on hers.

“And you want something in return. What is it?”

Lucas released her now and tucked a wayward strand of honey-blond hair behind her ear. “Marry me.”

* * *

Married in Name Only is part of the

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston series.

 Dear Reader,

I’m thrilled to bring you Lucas and Paisley’s story. Who doesn’t love a good marriage of convenience? Add in a reunion     of high school sweethearts and get ready to swoon!

Lucas is all Alpha. When an opportunity presents itself to not only seek revenge on his nemesis but win back the woman who got away, he stops at nothing to have everything. Paisley is a little hesitant, but how can she resist when she’s always loved Lucas?

As the owner of a bridal boutique, she’s always dreamed of her wedding gown. But after being blackmailed into marriage, she decides not to waste her dream dress on this quickie ceremony. I won’t spoil it, but that wedding scene is possibly one of my favorites! Poor Lucas. He’s really met his match with Paisley. She’s not the same girl she used to be... Good thing he’s a strong man.

I do hope you enjoy this installment of Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston. I always love writing a cowboy. Plus, these tropes are absolutely some of my favorites!

Happy reading,



“I didn’t know who else to turn to.”

That statement alone added to the already sickening feeling in the pit of Paisley Morgan’s stomach. As if life hadn’t knocked her down over and over, now she stood on the other side of Lucas Ford’s desk as he continued to glare at her like she had nerve walking in here.

Well, she did have nerve. After dumping him years ago and never speaking to him since. But that was all in the past. Wasn’t it?

He leaned back in his leather desk chair and remained silent, and she couldn’t help but second-guess just how much her bold move twelve years ago had affected him.

Had he not moved on? Found someone else to drive insanely wild with desire just from one piercing blue stare? Had he ever thought of her? Because there hadn’t been a day she hadn’t questioned her decision to let him go.

Paisley had bigger issues to worry about than their past and what Lucas may or may not be feeling seeing her show up unannounced. Like the fact that her biological father could be Sterling Perry—the man loathed by nearly the entire city of Houston for his scheming, stealing and money laundering. Not to mention he was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud.

“What makes you think Sterling is your father, and why should I help you?”

Paisley gripped her clutch in one hand and the letter from her late mother in the other. “I have reason to believe he’s my dad and I need you to investigate to see what you can find out.”

Lucas stared at her another minute, giving her a visual lick as he came to his feet. He was still just as ruggedly sexy as she remembered, but those shoulders had gotten broader, the creases at the corners of his eyes deeper and the strong jaw firmer.

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