Reunited at The Altar

By: Kate Hardy

They were teenage sweethearts...

Can they say “I do” a second time?

Abigail last saw her ex-husband, Brad, six years ago, but now that they’re reunited at his sister’s wedding, their chemistry makes her feel like a love-struck teenager again! Neither has forgotten the tragedy that tore them apart, but as Brad walks his sister down the aisle, all the romance in the air makes Abby wonder, could she and Brad find themselves at the altar...again?

“Good night,” Brad said outside her front door, and leaned forward to kiss Abby on the cheek.

Just to prove that they would be fine around each other at the wedding.

Except somehow his lips didn’t meet her cheek.

Instead, they brushed against her lips. Very gently. Very lightly.

Rather than backing away sensibly, he found himself kissing her again. Then he drew back.

And her lips were parted very, very slightly. Inviting him. Telling him that it was the same for her—that right at this second, she wanted them to kiss, too.

Memories collided in his head. The first time he’d kissed her, in the moonlight among the roses. The first time he’d kissed her before making love. Kissing her over the anvil in Gretna Green, their first kiss as a married couple.

How he’d missed her.

How he wanted her.

And he couldn’t help leaning forward again. This time, she let him deepen the kiss. And it felt as if every nerve end in his body had just burst into life after five years of being dormant.

Dear Reader,

I’ve always enjoyed reunion   stories, and this one is especially dear to me as I’ve set it in my part of the world (a fictional town, but anyone who follows me on Facebook will know that beach!). I had to do some very tough research involving dog-friendly cafés, walking on the beach with the dog and actually trying doggy ice-cream myself (!)—and Archie thoroughly enjoyed being on my research team.

Everyone said Brad and Abby married too young, and when they divorced five years ago, it seemed that everyone was right... Until they were reunited at his sister’s wedding. But will the hurdles that got in their way last time stop them from rekindling their romance the second time around? Can Brad convince Abby to give him a second chance?

I hope you enjoy their journey.

With love,

Kate Hardy


‘ARE YOU SURE you’re all right about this, Abby?’ Ruby asked.

‘Absolutely,’ Abigail fibbed. ‘I’m so pleased he agreed.’

That bit, at least, wasn’t a lie. Abigail was more than pleased that Bradley Powell had not only agreed to come to his twin sister’s wedding, he’d also promised to walk her down the aisle in their late father’s stead—especially as he hadn’t set foot in Great Crowmell, the Norfolk seaside town where they’d grown up, in the years since their father’s funeral. Ruby had been panicking that Brad would make an excuse not to come to her wedding because he still couldn’t face coming home.

As for actually seeing her ex-husband again for the first time since their divorce: that wasn’t something Abigail relished. But she was five years older now. Infinitely wiser. She could do this. And she would do this with a smile, for Ruby’s sake. No way was she going to rain on her best friend’s parade.

‘You know you can bring a date to the wedding,’ Ruby said. ‘Just give me a name for when it comes to sorting out the place cards. Or you don’t even have to do that—bring whoever you like and I’ll get someone to write his name on the place card that morning.’

‘Thanks, but I don’t need a date. I’m going to be way too busy on the day for that,’ Abigail said with a smile. ‘I’ve got chief bridesmaid duties to think about, and I want everything to go perfectly for your wedding.’ The fact she’d barely dated since her divorce was irrelevant.

Or—a nasty thought hit her—was Ruby trying to tell her something? That she should bring a date, because Brad was bringing his new love to meet everyone and it would be awkward if Abigail turned up alone?

‘Is Brad bringing a date?’ Abigail asked, trying her best to sound casual and hoping that her suddenly thumping heart didn’t show in her voice.

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