Her Alibi

By: Carol Ericson

Fear made her flee the crime scene.

Desperation drove her to another man’s doorstep.

Savannah Martell has no memory of how she ended up next to her philandering ex-husband’s dead body. Facing too many unanswerable questions, she turns to Connor Wells. Years ago, their romance burned hot and deep, and the flame still smolders. But when the death count rises and evidence leads back to Savannah, will Connor still provide an alibi for the woman he never stopped loving?

“What’s your story?” He folded his arms, ready to listen.

“I was here at the time he was getting stabbed.”

“Why would you rush to my place? We haven’t seen each other in four years, not since your marriage.”

“We were...in love. I never got you out of my system. Never stopped wanting you back.”

The silence yawned between them until she couldn’t take it anymore. She did a slow turn and met his eyes. “Is that...believable?”

“I suppose it could fool some people.” The frost dripping from every word made it clear she hadn’t fooled him. “But we’re gonna have to make it stick. You can’t go running back to your former boyfriend and then leave him a few days later.”

“I could if my former boyfriend rejected my advances.”

“He wouldn’t do that.”

“He wouldn’t?”

“You wouldn’t have turned to him in your hour of need if you didn’t think you’d meet fertile ground. If I’m going to lie for you, you’re going to have to see this through. You’re going to have to stick around for a while.”

“I can do that—if you’ll have me.”


Savannah Martell—When she wakes up with her ex-husband dead beside her on the floor, she does what any woman would do—cleans up and heads south to seek help from an old boyfriend for an alibi.

Connor Wells—He’d do anything for the woman he never stopped loving, even provide her with an alibi for the night her ex-husband was murdered. But while he wants to protect Savannah, he can’t quite trust her.

Niles Wedgewood—The murder of this billionaire founder of a computer app sends his ex-wife reeling, but she’s not the only one who stood to gain from Niles’s death.

Tiffany James—This exotic dancer figured she’d hit the jackpot when she hooked up with Niles Wedgewood, but she might have even more to gain from his death.

Denny Cosgrove—Tiffany’s ex is a biker with a violent past and an agenda that just might include murder.

Nick Fresco—Niles’s CFO is a financial wizard who’s willing to do anything to help Savannah with the company…as long as she stays out of the finances.

Brian Donahue—A disgruntled employee with an ax to grind who might have found the perfect way to get revenge on his former bosses...

Chapter One

The sea crashed on the rocks, and the tide tried to drag her back under but she resisted its pull. She forced open one eye, the lid weighted like a manhole cover.

To keep it open, she focused her dry eyeball on the filmy white curtain billowing into the room from the French door ajar to the balcony. Another wave from the ocean below made its presence heard as it broke and then clawed at the rocky shore. She could almost taste the salt from the sea spray on her tongue.

She licked her lips. The air in the room lay heavy upon her, and she still hadn’t managed to open her other eye. She lifted a lethargic arm and rubbed her closed eye, hoping to stimulate it.

She blinked against the stinging sensation and rubbed again, smearing moisture across her cheek to her ear. Had she been crying in her sleep? That deep, dark slumber she couldn’t seem to shake?

Raising her hand in front of her face, she wrinkled her nose. Not tears, blood. She hadn’t had a bloody nose since she was a kid. She pinched the bridge of her nose with two fingers, sniffing, and her nostrils flared at the tinny smell that seemed to invade every pore.

The odor revived her, stunning her like a prod. She jerked her bare limbs beneath the silk sheets. She bolted to a sitting position, the back of her head hitting the headboard. Pain, all out of proportion to the tap of her skull against the wood, coursed through her body, and she gagged.

As if that bump had awakened every nerve ending in her body, her right hand began to throb. She spread out her fingers, the red cuts on her hand standing in stark relief against the white sheets.

What the hell happened? Why was she bleeding, and why was she naked in her ex-husband’s bedroom?

She scrambled from the bed, tripping over something soft on the floor in the semidarkness. Gasping, she fumbled for the light switch on the wall next to the bed and jabbed at it with her thumb.

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