Forever Yours

By: Lynn Hagen

Christian’s Coven 8

Kory Kendrick thought taking a shortcut through the woods would shave off time, until he runs across a corpse buried under a pile of leaves. He soon finds that the guy isn’t as dead as he thinks he is. Kory must find a way to get the guy home before the things that haunt the woods come out of hiding.

But what started out as trying to help a dying vampire soon turns into something that is wholly unexpected. Kory finds the man charming, sexy, and a bit on the odd side, whereas Dante looks at suburban life as a foreign concept, a strange way of living.

When the neighborhood watch gets involved, things heat up. The four men who patrol the neighborhood might have a brain cell between them. Complications increase when Kory's younger brother becomes deathly ill, and Kory must find a way to save Jonah while struggling with his desires for his newfound vampire.

Chapter One

Kory Kendrick came to a stop, spotting a man lying face down on the ground. He glanced around the woods, but didn’t see anyone else. It wasn’t every day that he ran across someone taking a dirt nap. He wasn’t even sure if he should bother the guy or not. He looked pretty comfortable lying there covered in leaves.

“Hey, do you need some help?” he asked as he scented the air. He couldn’t tell if the guy was human or other. Stepping cautiously closer, Kory nudged the guy with his toe. “Hey, are you all right?”

The guy didn’t move. Oh! What if he was dead? Well, that would explain him not answering. Kory dropped to his knees, hoping like hell he wasn’t touching a corpse. That would be too gross.

He grabbed the guy’s shoulder, struggling with the stranger’s weight as he turned him over. The napping man was pretty heavy. Kory gasped when the stranger fell to his back. Face covered in burns, the man looked so nasty that Kory felt a bit queasy just looking at the guy. The guy was as white as a sheet and his features were gaunt. There was no telling how long he had been out here.

Ew. Kory jerked his hand back. He had touched a corpse!

He was about to stand and get away from the thing when blackened eyelids flew open. Kory shrieked, trying to run, but only managed to fall on his ass. He tried to get his bearings, but the corpse flew at him, pinning him down before opening its mouth, revealing sharp fangs.

“For this, I am truly sorry.”

He screamed as the vampire bit into his neck, Kory’s voice echoing in the woods as his vision blurred.

He knew he should have taken a different path.

Shoving his hands against the thing’s chest, Kory tried to dislodge the man, but the vampire was too strong for him to easily push away. “Stop,” Kory begged breathlessly. “You’re going to kill me.”

The sucking at his neck slowed, but the man didn’t release him. The sensation had gone from painful, to something that had him wondering if he was losing his mind. The slow burn became…pleasurable.

Oh, gross! Now he was being turned on by a corpse. Wouldn’t his mother be so proud of him? She said he needed to get out and date more, but this was just plain morbid. Even with those thoughts, Kory’s cock became hard, throbbing between his legs as the man’s hands slid to his back, pulling him closer. There was no way for Kory to resist, not when the hold on him was like steel bands wrapped around his body.

“O–okay, you got your protein fix. Can you release me now?” Kory shoved again, but this time a little more gently. The sharp fangs slipped from his neck, a coarse tongue lapping at the wound.

“Need…no sun.”

Well, duh. The guy was a vampire. It was a given that the sun was burning this man alive. But the vampire was too big for Kory to toss over his shoulder and carry out of the woods. Maybe Kory could cover him in leaves and come back for him later.

Much later.

Normally Kory was a helpful guy, always lending a hand to those in need. But helping the corpse come back to life didn’t seem like a very wise idea. Maybe he could give the guy a few bucks to catch a cab somewhere. His mother always complained that he brought home strays, but bringing home this mongrel would take the cake.

When the guy opened his eyes again, Kory inhaled deeply. Never before had he seen eyes so beautiful, so desperate. His head told him to skedaddle, but his conscience told him to find some way to get the guy out of the sun.

“What’s your name?”


“Your mother really didn’t like you, did she?” Kory glanced around, searching the forest floor for anything he could use to help him move the guy. He spotted a squirrel scurrying away and his white wolf jumped up and down, wanting to chase. Another squirrel joined the first and the temptation was almost too much.

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