Journey To Fortune(2)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Her heart ached something terrible. It wasn’t that she loved Salvador, but he was so good looking, and so many women craved his attention. When he had found her six months ago, standing in the Marquis hotel, unsure of where the conference room was located, he escorted her and swept her off her feet. She had been naive and stupid. Her parents were right. She was a loser. Their hateful comments and the way they always put Tia Rose down filtered through her mind, making her feel worthless. Salvador’s words just added to the facts.

“Did you hear me, Tia? I was with another woman last night.”

“With Leza? You slept with Leza?” she asked, knowing that blonde Amazon wanted Salvador so badly. She wanted his money, his reputation, and to be escorted around town as his lover, or mistress. Was she considered a mistress because Salvador was with Tia? She had fallen for his charms, was impressed by his money and maturity, but never connected on that deeper level she yearned for. She shook her head as Salvador released his claws.

“She’s a real woman. She’s strong, sensual, and open to exploration. I know that you have fears, but you’re the coldest bitch I ever fucked.”

She gasped and felt her blood pressure boiling.

“Are we back to this again, Salvador? Back to your sick fetishes? I don’t need a master’s degree to see that you’re sick in the head. I won’t allow you to tie me up and cut me, so that you can get off on your power trip.”

“Tia Rose. Don’t push me. It was one time. One time I shared a secret with you and how it made me feel empowered. I was thinking that allowing me that control of you would make you feel empowered, too.”

“Ha! As if. You want power and control? You have that in your freaking businesses that you own. You always get what you want when you want it. Not everyone is so spoiled. Leza is so great and so sensual? Then keep her. I’ll have you know that I’m a very sensual woman. In fact, I wasn’t the problem. You and your small penis were. Good-bye, Salvador, and go to hell!”

Tia Rose disconnected the call.

She stared around at her small, elegantly decorated apartment and absorbed the silence. She glanced at the coffee table, and a small box of ripped movie and Broadway show tickets from when she and Salvador went on numerous dates. She was shaking with fury and some fear. Salvador expected respect, and when he was questioned, she experienced his wrath. It wasn’t pretty. She had enough verbal abuse at home. It was another reason why she left. She thought about her parents. The fact that her mother allowed her husband to hit her still to this day frightened Tia Rose. Was Salvador capable of hurting her like that?

I know the answer. I’ve been denying it for months. Of course he is. Look how quickly he dumped me. Now I have no one again. Is being completely alone, cut off from the world, better than withstanding the pain of insults and abuse?

Suddenly the anger and the hatred for his words, his description of her being a coldhearted bitch slowly began to disintegrate. She was single again. Her very first real relationship went down the tubes because of her feelings of inadequacies, her lack of sexual experience, and her body.

She hated her body.

She hated the large breasts, her large ass, and that damn bit of belly that would never flatten. She did crunches and abdominal workouts until she pulled her back out. She wasn’t overly fat, just husky, well-built if she lived in the Renaissance Era. Back then, a woman with her voluptuous, well-curved figure would be considered most beautiful, and the kind of woman every man dreamed of. Women with large breasts and large hips were considered goddesses. Why hadn’t Salvador seen me as a goddess?

The tears rolled down her cheeks as she grabbed the box, the reminder of a man who hardly knew her at all, and who most definitely didn’t love her. She walked to the garbage and threw out the box. She needed to get ready for work.

It was over. Salvador made his choice. If Leza was what he found to be sexually stimulating, then so be it. Today, life changed for Tia Rose. Today, she was once again alone in a world obsessed with emaciated women, dominated by the big mouths with the deep pockets, and she was on the bottom. Her mother was right. A rich handsome man wanted one thing and one thing only. She remembered her mother’s hateful words when she called to tell her that she had found someone.

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