Journey To Fortune(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Tia Rose felt so triumphant that she wanted to fist pump and scream “hell yeah.” But as she grabbed her bag and scooped up the catalogue, not bothering to look around, she heard the others begin to speak as Bernadette demanded that she stay. She turned to listen. Everyone was making comments, admitting that Tia Rose helped them all along and they knew Bethany was using her. Everyone knew that Bethany continued to steal Tia’s ideas.

Then Mr. Sinclair spoke up.

“Everyone quiet down, and, Tia Rose, please sit back down.”

Everyone did as he said but Tia remained standing.

“I won’t stay, sir. I won’t stand here and continue to be used. I can’t stand the jokes, the nastiness, and backstabbing. I’m not that kind of person. If that’s the type of employees you want here at Malone’s, then I think I should hand in my resignation and look for a job elsewhere.” As she said the words, her belly did a series of deep twists and turns. She felt like vomiting, which would totally kill her triumphant moment of standing up to Bethany and telling her off.

Bernadette leaned over to her husband and whispered into his ear. Just then security entered the room. Someone had called them.

Oh my God, I’m going to be escorted out of the meeting and probably out of the building. I’ll be fired, I’ll have no job, and I won’t be able to pay that stupid rent. I won’t be able to send the money to my parents. He’ll kill me. He’ll haunt me every hour of every day until I send that money. Oh my God, why did I do this?

“Thank you for coming so quickly. Please remove Miss Tyler from the room. Escort her to her office, have her clean out her desk, and then accompany her outside of the building. She is no longer an employee here.”

Bethany gasped as the two security men approached.

“I don’t believe this. I can’t believe that you would take that fat bitch’s side over mine. I fit here. I have style, class, and a great body. She’s fat, has no spine, and wouldn’t know what to do in the presence of designers,” Bethany stated.

“Remove her,” Mr. Sinclair repeated.

Bethany shoved the catalogues that were in front of her across the table and she began to have a tantrum.

Tia Rose wasn’t too shocked. Once the room was cleared, Bernadette and Cade smiled at her.

“Please have a seat, Tia Rose. It’s so nice of you to have finally joined us. We have a lot to discuss, including your upcoming trip to Paris.”

Tia Rose was shocked speechless. Nice of me to show up? He knew all along. He was waiting for me to grow a spine and stand up for myself.

“Thank you, sir. It’s nice to finally show up and let you all know what I’m made of.”

“This is going to be great,” one of the other staff stated. Then they all congratulated her and told her how proud they were of her. It was an utter and complete turnaround. They began to ask questions about the designs and her ideas, and the Sinclairs had questions of their own. Tia Rose answered them with confidence and obvious knowledge, proving further what she was capable of, despite not being a super thin model like Bethany.

This was a new beginning. The new Tia Rose. There were more changes to come. She just knew it as she pointed to the scenes, described the materials used, and expanded on her ideas. They all listened to her intently.

Watch out, world, here I come.

Chapter 2

Hudson Ross sat in the recliner on his private jet and sipped his dirty martini. He was on the satellite phone with his twin brother, Jagger, wondering when he would arrive in Paris. Hudson had been to Milan first, and now was headed to France. It had been a crazy few weeks, and he looked forward to getting back to the States and working on their new renovations to one of their vacation homes.

Their friends, Flynn and Jett, had called him numerous times wondering when he would be joining them for poker night again. He had to laugh. That weekly get-together had been great. He thought that maybe since Nash and Riker, Cash and Zane, and Emerson and Stone were in serious relationships, that things would change. But they hadn’t. The only thing that changed was Jagger and Hudson’s new increased desire to find their perfect woman. She was out there somewhere. It seemed that his brother Jagger was working on finding her fast instead of letting fate step in. He chuckled to himself.

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