Journey To Fortune(9)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Sorry, I can’t hear you. What did you say?” Hudson asked.

“I said, I’m in the middle of something. I got a good shot at this woman. I may be later on Sunday than I first thought,” Jagger said then chuckled.

“Quit it, man. Get out here by Sunday.”

“Why? I’ve been to plenty of these fashion events. They’re all the same. Tiny food made for the birds, assholes throwing around their money, and skinny, near anorexic chicks trying to look sexy.”

“We’re not doing this for the models. We’re doing this for the furniture, and to get ideas. I haven’t liked one thing I saw from all the known designers. It’s both of our decision, bro. We’re in this together, just like everything else,” Hudson said.

“Well, will you at least try to make it worth my while? It’s a long flight and I have to leave late Saturday.”

“I promise a special little something will be here waiting for you when you arrive.”

“Voluptuous, hips and ass, and no skin and bones?”

“Voluptuous, just the way we both like them.”

“I’ll see what I can do. But tonight’s a different story. Later, bro.”

Jagger hung up and Hudson laughed.

It would be great if one day they found that perfect, sexy woman they yearned to share. She just didn’t seem to exist, and instead, they settled. It was getting boring. Hudson wanted something different. He wanted companionship and he wanted it sooner rather than later.

He was sick of the nightclubs, except for The Phantom. That was different. That was their best friends’ place. It was where they could chill out, not have to stand in the spotlight, walk the damn red carpet, or supply the dough to run the parties.

He enjoyed the nightlife to an extent. But he preferred running the businesses, even though he had people to do it for him and Jagger. He shook his head and smiled as he thought about Jagger. His twin was nearly a complete opposite of him. Jagger liked speed and adrenaline rush. If there was a dare or challenge to meet, Jagger was on it like white on rice. The man got himself into more complicated situations than Hudson could keep up with. He never led with his heart. He kept it locked up, and that was something they both shared.

He sighed as he felt almost sad inside at the admission, even if it were in thought. Had money truly kept them from being more caring, and perhaps trusting?

Hell, yeah. Everyone wants everything Jagger and I have. As soon as they learn I’m a billionaire, they clasp on and I need the Jaws of Life to get them off. Nope, I don’t need the hassle of opening up my heart. Not unless that special someone suddenly arrives. Yeah, not happening to me.

Hudson glanced at his Rolex and saw he had at least two more hours before he landed. He was excited about seeing some new designs and attending the gala. He was hoping to meet some of the designers whose work he admired in the magazines he saw. Yet, he worried about their personalities. A lot of the designers were snobs or the people who represented them were. If they heard he had money, they would up the price. He needed to be suave. Maybe pretend he wasn’t in the market to buy, but browse instead? Whatever. He would make the decision as soon as he saw the prospects.

Closing his eyes, he leaned back in the recliner, and hoped that this trip wasn’t a waste of time. Money, he had an abundance of. That was his least worry. But lately he was feeling as if money wasn’t the most important thing anymore. Sure he had all the fancy cars, the multiple houses, and could buy anything or anyone he wanted. Not that he ever did that, but knowing he had the power to do so boosted his male ego. He smirked to himself. Nah, something was bothering him. He just hadn’t been feeling right lately. He felt a bit hollow inside, and he wondered why.

Maybe he just needed to loosen up. Perhaps find a beautiful, sexy woman to get lost in for an evening, or even the weekend?

With thoughts of hooking up and easing that hollow feeling, Hudson fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Tia Rose stood on the balcony of her room at one of the most luxurious hotels in France. She sipped her wine, enjoying the amenities of her room at the Trianon Palace Versailles. The room’s décor was gorgeous. Rich purples accented the sheer white curtains and king-sized bedding. Even the rug throughout the suite had a purple, cream, and black unique pattern going through it. Some of the accent pieces, like the bench, the headboard, and upholstered chairs were done in rich, dark plum velvet, which made them stand out among the whites. She felt the warm, gentle breeze, as she leaned against the open glass patio doorway. The sheer white curtains danced slightly in the breeze and she could smell the abundant aroma of flowers from the garden below.

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