A Christmas Kiss with Her Ex-Army Doc(59)

By: Tina Beckett

“Yes, it is. Although I think Christmas arrived a few hours early. Elissa is the greatest gift I could possibly imagine.”

She leaned her head against his arm. “Do you think Tommie and Gordy will accept her?”

“Are you kidding? They’re going to love her. I’m sure of it.” He paused, and she could sense he wanted to say something.

“What?” A curl of fear went through her before she forced it away. There was nothing to be afraid of. Not anymore.

“Would it be okay, if a friend of mine came over to see the baby?”

“Of course. Who is it?”

“My commanding officer. The one who talked me out of re-enlisting and told me to stay and fight for what I wanted.”

She smiled. “I’m glad he did. Because if not...”

“I’d like to think I would have eventually gotten there. He just gave me a push when I needed it most.”

Wiggling back to the far edge of the bed, she nodded at the space next to her. “Lie down with me, Clance. Because you’re right. I’m sleepy. But I promised myself I was never sleeping without you ever again.”

Clancy took the baby and laid her carefully in her bassinet and then slid onto the narrow mattress beside his wife, draping his arm over her. “Sleep. I’ll watch over you both.”

So, with the promise that he would be there when she woke up, she let herself relax against his lean frame. She was the luckiest girl on the planet.

As he tightened his arm around her she amended that thought. Make that two girls...they were the luckiest two girls on the planet. And she would make sure Clancy knew just how much he was loved.

This Christmas and every other.

* * *

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