Finding Happiness:Cherry Hill 2(10)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I think you can. Just text her my number and tell her to help me out with whatever I need. I’ll make it up to you. Get you some good shit you like to smoke on the weekends. In fact, I can swing by after work. We could spend some time together. I sure could use a friend, Lucy.”

“I don’t know. You never asked me out before.”

“I’m not asking you out when we both know we can’t be more than a good time on a lonely rainy night. You know I have my eyes on you, and love the way your ass fills those sexy dress pants. Invite me over. We’ll celebrate your cousin helping me out with what I need, and you won’t be lonely and instead will be satisfied. I’m that fucking good.”

“You better not be messing with me. I’ve had a crush on you for a while. I can show you how a real woman handles her man.”

“I’m sure you could. Text her, and then I’ll meet you at your place by six.”


He ended the call and licked his lips. She would have to do for now. Wasn’t anything like Autumn. In fact she was a tall, thin, and had medium-size boobs, but it had been a few weeks since he had sex. It could take the edge off. He waited for the phone to ring.

“Come on, bitch, come through for me.”

As he waited he thought about Autumn. About her long platinum-blonde hair that caught his eyes immediately. Then it was her round, firm ass in a short skirt she had on, and of course when he got to see her face, those big blue eyes, his cock got so fucking hard he nearly came. She was a fucking virgin to boot. A gift from heaven and controllable. Holy shit, she would shake when he spoke firmly, and clench her eyes when he yelled. She was obedient, trusting, all his in every way. He fucking went too far when she caught him cheating. He fucked up big time. He wouldn’t fuck up again. In fact wherever she was, he would find her, take her away to some special romantic place, and keep her there until she forgave him and complied with his orders and authority. He clenched his fist, opened and closed it, remembering striking her so hard and leaving bruises on her ribs, her face, too. He had lost his shit as he struck her and thought about her leaving him. He knew he sort of went out of his mind, lost focus of the present, and it had been years since he had an episode like that. He ran his fingers through his hair and then looked at his hands.

He spread them wide and saw that he was shaking. “I need you, Autumn. I fucking need you,” he said, and then his cell phone rang. He smiled and said hello.

“Hello, Lucy’s cousin. Tell me you’re even more attractive than your cousin Lucy,” he said and heard the giggle. This was going to be a piece of cake.

Chapter 3

“Long day?” Aldreck asked Hill and Flex as they walked into the house around nine in the evening.

“I’m so damn tired, but by tomorrow afternoon this job should be done. We’re just finishing off a few details,” Hill told him. Hill was tall and stocky. Six feet three, wide shoulders like a linebacker, the man looked beyond intimidating. Anyone would think twice before challenging him. He looked like some crazy Russian boxer. His blond hair was more dirty blond, crew cut, and his other brother Flex looked almost identical except Flex’s hair was closer to a light brown color with blond highlights. Both men had exactly the same build. Which made for great security jobs where presence alone was a deterrent.

“So by tomorrow you’ll both be finished with this job?” Manderine asked, pulling some beers out of the refrigerator and passing them to his brothers.

“Thank God yes, and I’ll tell ya, we’re taking a break for a little bit. I haven’t been able to go work out at the gym, and Kenderick is busting my balls telling me he’s going to take me in a match.” Hill shook his head before he took a slug from the bottle of beer. They chuckled.

“Kendrick is a wise ass, and he wants to get under your skin so he can beat you. You got him good the last few times,” Flex told him.

“Sure as shit did. He was sporting that nice black eye, too,” Aldreck added and chuckled.

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