All That Glitters

By: Mary Brady

The rarest treasure of all

Discredited journalist Adriana Bonacorda has a lead on the hottest story of the year—billionaire business titan Zachary Hale is accused of cheating investors! She’s so determined to talk to him that she follows him to the charming town of Bailey’s Cove, Maine.

When a hurricane traps Addy and Zach together, it’s her one chance to revive her career. But she’s shocked by the passion that springs up between them. Is Zach really a criminal? Or is there a reason for his silence? In a place founded by pirates, where a legendary treasure is supposedly hidden, Addy just might find something truly precious….

“Who are you?”

Zach heard her question, but raised his hammer and bent one of the nails anchoring the rope closer to the beam.

Addy was a reporter.

Anything he said could end up on the internet, in print and on television.

He looked into her face. The angle of her head, the lines of her mouth, even the slant of her eyebrows said she was asking because she wanted to know, not that she wanted to broadcast the information to the world.

No one had ever asked him that question, not his classmates, his coworkers, the women he dated. No one wanted the answer to that question.

She stepped in close, too close to ignore her.

The wind flapped the tarp and the rain smashed into it like the sound of distant gunfire.

He leaned in toward her and her lips parted as if she were about to ask a question, but she did not. He pressed his lips to hers and captured her gasp.

Dear Reader,

Readers, thank you so much! I hope you like Addy and Zach’s story.

Practically the only people who will talk to reporter Adriana Bonacorda are her blood relatives. Everyone else thinks she’s a liar, a con artist or both. Disgraced, broke and on the scent of a big story, Addy races from Boston to Maine—in a hurricane. Her quarry? Big-time swindler Zachary Hale. Exposing the deepest secrets of this billionaire schemer will put her right back on top of the journalist heap. But when she ends up at his mercy, she finds there is so much more to this man…and she finds her heart and her livelihood are in so much jeopardy.

And wait! Will they find All That Glitters—inside a pirate’s treasure chest?

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Mary Brady


ADRIANA BONACORDA gripped the steering wheel of her rental car until her aching knuckles blanched white. Rain made it nearly impossible to see more than a few car lengths in front of her and the wind rocked the tiny compact. Addy prayed she could stave off the dark threats coming at her from all angles long enough to get to Bailey’s Cove, Maine, in one piece.

“Stay away from the coast, folks” had been the last bit of coherence she had gotten from the car’s radio. All she heard now was squawks and dead air.

Her phone still worked because it started ringing the raucous tones she’d assigned to her younger sister, Savanna.

“Hello, Savanna, sorry, warning, the signal may break up.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in Maine after Zachary Hale.” Addy peered through the wind-driven rain searching for her turnoff.

“That’s what I called about. Hey, what’s he doing in Maine?”

“He’s headed to ground and I hope to get to him before he’s in hiding.”

“Why isn’t he in jail?”

Addy harrumphed. “It doesn’t work that way in the world of high finance.”

“I end up with nothing and some fat cats get rich. And he gets off without any punishment?” Savanna almost squealed the last few words in indignation.

“Calm down. During the huge Ponzi scandal, it was early December when the FBI got involved and early March, fifteen months later, before any jail time began to be served, and that scandal involved over fifty billion dollars.”

“Not fair. Just not fair.”

“Savanna you must have called for something besides a rant about Hale and Blankenstock.”

“I guess you just answered my question. I wanted to know how you were doing at getting Hale to fess up.” Savanna sounded sad. Her life was a wreck and she was newly unemployed.

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