Protecting His Secret Son

By: Laura Scott

A surprise son and a deadly secret...

The heart-stopping conclusion to Callahan Confidential

It’s a shock to private investigator Mike Callahan to see Shayla O’Hare again, and with a child in tow—especially with shots flying her way. Protecting the pair must take priority over their tangled past. Is she being targeted for her family’s crimes—including possibly killing Mike’s father? And what will Mike do when he realizes her actually his son, too?

“I would have helped with Brodie.” The words shot out of his mouth before he could stop them.

Shayla shifted in her seat to face him. “You accused my father and brother of being criminals, remember?”

Mike couldn’t deny it.

More miles passed before he spoke again. “I want to be a part of Brodie’s life.”

Shayla let out a harsh laugh. “I’m sure you do. However, has it occurred to you that the two people you’re accusing of being criminals are Brodie’s uncle and grandfather?”

A hard lump formed in the back of his throat, making it impossible to speak. She was right—he hadn’t considered that fact, yet he couldn’t let go of what he knew in his heart was true. Duncan and Ian were involved in his father’s murder and needed to be brought to justice.

No matter the consequences? His resolve wavered. He couldn’t lose his son.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Shayla said in a weary tone.

He knew he needed to tread lightly. Alienating Shayla wouldn’t help his goal of being involved in Brodie’s life.


Private investigator Mike Callahan scrunched down in the driver’s seat of his black SUV and watched the front door of Duncan O’Hare’s house through the open driver’s-side window. He was parked in the driveway next door, knowing the young couple was out of town for the weekend. Duncan O’Hare was a Milwaukee cop, but Mike didn’t believe the guy was dedicated to upholding the law.

Quite the opposite.

However, witnessing a meeting between Duncan O’Hare and Lane Walters, believed leader of the Dark Knights, two days ago outside an apartment building owned by Walters, wasn’t enough. He needed proof to back up his suspicions. Mike had tailed Duncan, but the cop had managed to evade him.

On a mission to solve his father Max Callahan’s murder, Mike wasn’t about to let anything stand in his way.

His father had been shot in the back while visiting the crime scene of an officer-involved shooting. Four years later and the crime remained unsolved.

The key was buried deep within the Dark Knights, a civilian vigilante group known for meting out its own brand of justice against alleged criminals. There were several unsolved murders that were believed to be the work of the Dark Knights. As the police chief, his father had vowed to bring the Dark Knights down. Yet Mike knew the group had connections within the police force—possibly to Duncan O’Hare and Duncan’s father, Ian O’Hare, who had conveniently taken Mike’s father’s place as chief of police after his death.

The night of his father’s funeral, Mike had overheard a conversation between Ian and Duncan O’Hare about how much they secretly admired the Dark Knights. Mike’s theory was that his father had learned about their connection to the vigilantes and had been murdered because of it. Mike wanted them arrested and held accountable for the role they’d played in his father’s death. Staking out Duncan’s house tonight had been a recent attempt to confront the cop about his meeting with Walters.

Duncan’s front door unexpectedly opened and a pretty blonde stepped outside, holding the hand of a small boy who, in Mike’s estimation, was around four or five years old. In the balmy May evening, there was plenty of light in the sky to see them clearly. The woman was wearing jeans and a pink hoodie with a white T-shirt underneath. He gasped and abruptly straightened as he recognized her.

Shayla O’Hare. Duncan’s younger sister and Mike’s former fiancée. He hadn’t seen Shayla in four years, since their heated argument and breakup over her family’s complicity in his father’s murder. The child was a surprise. Since she hadn’t had any children while they were together, Mike assumed the boy was a stepson or an adopted son. He ignored the shaft of pain to his heart at the thought of her being married to another man. She paused near the Jeep and leaned over to talk to the boy.

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