Road Trip With The Best Man

By: Sophie Pembroke

A jilted bride, a best man...

And a journey that will change their lives!

With her dream wedding in tatters, Dawn Featherington resolves to track down her errant groom and demand answers. But there’s one obstacle in her way—billionaire best man Cooper Edwards! Not trusting her intentions, the cynical divorcé refuses to let her go alone. But with each passing mile, Cooper begins to realize they could be on the road to happily-ever-after!

“How far exactly is it to the beach house, anyway?” she asked as nonchalantly as she could. However far it was, it was where she needed to go.

But she had a nagging feeling it might take a little longer than the day or so she’d imagined when she suggested driving there.

“About three thousand miles,” Cooper replied, equally casually. “Give or take.”

“Three thousand miles.” Dawn swallowed. Hard. “We’re going to need to stop overnight, then,” she said.

“Over several nights,” Cooper corrected. “Even if we split the driving, we’ll both need to rest. Plus this car is a classic, vintage model. It’s been refurbished, of course, but still. It’s not exactly covered for nonstop cross-country travel.”

“How many days do you think it will take us?” Dawn asked, staring at the hard planes of his face, the set jaw. Two days ago, she’d never even met this man. Yesterday she’d realized he seriously disliked her. And now it looked like they were going to be spending an awful lot of time together.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea she’d ever had.

Dear Reader,

Not long after I got married, my husband and I went on a road trip around just a small part of America to visit his stateside family. The sheer size of the country amazed me. As did the way the sat nav could give us instructions like “turn left in four hundred miles!”

We had a fantastic time, meeting new friends and old, exploring the wonders and incredible sights around us and indulging in delicious meals wherever we stopped. We sang along to the same four songs on the radio and stocked up on car snacks at gas stations on the way. And we talked—about our lives, our future and everything that mattered to us. It was an amazing experience.

I always promised myself that one day we’d go back and do a bigger road trip, maybe even all the way across the country. But ten years and two kids later, it hasn’t happened yet. Writing this story was my way of taking that trip, and reliving all those brilliant memories, until I get the chance to do it for real. I hope you enjoy it!

Love and lots of car snacks,

Sophie x


DAWN FEATHERINGTON STARED down the aisle at the perfect floral arrangements tied to each row of chairs set out on the grass. The string quartet was playing Pachelbel’s Canon—again—the officiant smiling serenely at the foot of the pagoda steps. The late-afternoon sun shone down on the manicured lawns of the Californian coastal mansion Justin’s mother had insisted would be the perfect venue for the two hundred and fifty guests they needed to invite, lighting up the delicate white ribbons and lace strung around the pagoda.

Everything looked perfect. Until she turned her attention to the expectant guests, all waiting slightly less patiently than they had been twenty minutes ago, and felt her stomach twist.

Because the only thing missing now was the groom.

Dawn ducked back behind the screens that the venue staff had put in place to keep the bridal party’s arrival a secret until the last moment. Behind her, her four sisters whispered amongst themselves, their rose-pink silk bridesmaid dresses rustling with them. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but then she didn’t really need to.

Can you believe this is happening again?

No. They were wrong. Justin loved her, he wanted to marry her. He’d hated even having to spend last night in a different hotel—although he’d insisted they had to, for tradition’s sake. He’d be here any moment. Probably.

Dawn bit back a sigh. It wasn’t as if this exact thing had happened before, anyway—whatever her sisters were whispering. She’d never got quite as far as the altar with any of the others. They’d all called it off before it reached this point.

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