The Surgeon's Surprise Baby

By: Tina Beckett

He doesn’t believe in second chances...

Until one knocks on his door!

Paramedic dream team Maggie and Joe aren’t just When neurologist Luca Venezio’s romance with surgeon Elyse Tenner ended as passionately as it began, he returned to Italy little knowing he’d left part of himself behind... Until Elyse arrives from America with their baby daughter and upends his world! Luca’s rocked by the bond with his little girl and how much he’s missed Elyse. Can they overcome the distance between them that’s more than merely miles?

Luca’s arms cradled the baby’s form in an effort to keep from reaching out to Elyse.

He’d dreamed of bringing Elyse to his home country one day, but this wasn’t quite the way he’d pictured it. Because in his fantasies, they’d had a huge Italian wedding with all of his family in attendance. And all of hers.

Only, life had had different ideas.

“Scusami. Una foto?”

He jerked back to reality, realizing someone was trying to take a picture and they were in the way. Staring at each other like star-crossed lovers.

“Mi dispiace.”

They moved out of the line of fire and headed toward the cathedral. He could try to say he’d been looking at something in the distance and not at her, but it would have been a lie. And he couldn’t bring himself to force out the words.

The baby chose that moment to wake up, blinking eyes coming up to meet his. Her head swung around obviously looking for something else.

Elyse took the baby’s hand and peered in at her. “I’m here, sweetheart.”

His chest contracted. He was a stranger to his own daughter.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever kept a little secret from someone? I have. Things like hiding Christmas presents or a surprise party come to mind. But some secrets are much bigger than those fun, everyday ones. They are painful and raw, and you feel the need to heal in private. That’s what Elyse Tenner is trying to do in the aftermath of a traumatic breakup and the birth of her daughter. She just can’t bring herself to trust in the power of love. But love has a way of nudging its way in...

Thank you for joining Elyse and Luca as they navigate the waters of heartbreak, secrets and forgiveness while in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Elyse has a hard time letting people in, but with Luca beside her, she is sorely tempted to let down all her defenses and give love one more chance.

I hope you enjoy reading this special couple’s journey as much as I loved writing it!


Tina Beckett


“WELL, I’M NO longer your boss.”

Luca Venezio stared at her as if she’d lost her mind. No longer his boss? Was that all she had to say to him? The obvious relief in her voice told him that she’d been anxious to wield that particular ax. Only she’d just done it in a room full of his colleagues, who had suffered a similar fate. He’d stayed behind after the others had all filed out dejectedly.

She was perched on her desk, looking just as gorgeous as she had a year ago, when he’d first stepped into her neurology department. It had taken him a while, but he’d finally convinced her to look past her reservations about engaging in a workplace relationship and see what they could be like together.

And it had been good. So very good.

He took a step closer. “Is that all you have to say to me, Elyse?”

Her head tilted as if she truly couldn’t understand what the problem was. Was this an American thing that he hadn’t yet grasped? Just when he thought he was understanding this culture, the woman in front of him threw something into the mix that had him reeling.

Italy was suddenly beckoning him home. But he wasn’t leaving without a fight.

She slid from her desk and stood in front of him. “Don’t you see? This could be a good thing.”

No. He didn’t see it. No matter how he looked at it.

She drove him insane. With want. With need. And now was no different.

“Do you want me gone, is that it?”

She took his hands in hers, before her hands slid up his forearms. “Are we talking about from the hospital? Or from my life?”

It was one and the same to Luca. It felt like they’d been trapped in a game of tug-of-war ever since their first date. The harder he pulled her toward him, the more she seemed to resist letting him get close to her, and he didn’t understand why. They were in a relationship, only nothing was easy. Except the sex.

And that had been mind-blowing. Maybe part of that was the uncertainty of it all. Maybe it had lent an air of desperation to their lovemaking.

Her green eyes stared into his, and the crazy thing was, he could swear he saw a hint of lust in there, even though she’d just fired him. Had she gotten off on delivering that death blow to all those people?

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