The Safest Lies

By: Debra Webb

Posing as undercover and on the run,

she has just one chance to escape...

The only way for Special Agent Sadie Buchanan to retrieve a hostage from a criminal camp embedded deep in the Tennessee wilderness is to team up with a stranger she can’t figure out. He’s attractive and smart, yes. Trustworthy, maybe. But when hardheaded Sadie and operative Flynn move to outsmart the enemy, extreme danger lies ahead...

“What about you, Agent Buchanan? How did you become a rescue and retrieval specialist?”

“I have a knack for putting people at ease and making them believe what I want them to believe. I make the bad guy believe he’s going to get one thing and then I do exactly the opposite of what he expects.”

He chuckled—couldn’t help himself. This was a woman who enjoyed her work.

“Well, Agent Buchanan, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He thrust his hand at her.

She grinned and gave it a shake. “Ditto, Agent Flynn.”

Now if they could only get themselves out of this thorny situation, maybe he’d ask her out to dinner.

A frown furrowed his brow. The beef jerky obviously hadn’t done its job or he wouldn’t still be thinking about food.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t food on his mind.

He peeked at the lady lying so close.

Too dangerous, he reminded himself.

Maybe another time when they weren’t both targeted for execution.


Sadie Buchanan—No one is better at recovering a fellow agent who’s in trouble. Sadie knows how to get in, recover the mark and get out. But this time is different. This time she’s going in as a favor to a friend. The trouble is, she might not make it back out alive.

Smith Flynn—He’s an enigma. A member of an extremist group who will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission. But every part of Sadie tells her this man is not who or what he seems.

Levi Winters—Sadie Buchanan has come to rescue him, but will she get them both killed trying?

Rayford Prentiss—The old man looks harmless, but looks can be deceiving.

Draven Aikman—He trusts no one and will do anything for what he wants.

Chapter One

Winchester, Tennessee

Friday, August 9

Sadie Buchanan had never been to Winchester before. The closest she’d come was Tullahoma and that had been years ago when she was first assigned to the Nashville area. A joint task force conference at the Arnold Air Force base had required her attendance for a day. Frankly, it was unusual for an agent to end up in this area, much less request a retrieval. The kind of trouble that required her participation rarely happened in small towns. Most of her assignments took her to the larger metropolitan areas around the state or deep into the desert or the mountains.

In any event, whenever an agent was in trouble, she went in.

She parked in front of the Franklin County sheriff’s office. Extracting agents from dangerous situations hadn’t exactly been a part of her plan when she started her career, but within two years of her first field assignment she found herself doing exactly that after one particular mission. The assignment as well as the agent involved had been high profile, garnering her the full attention of the powers that be. During that fateful mission she as well as the Bureau discovered her knack for getting in and out with particular ease. From that point forward, she had been focused on training for moments like this one. It wasn’t the sort of task just any agent felt comfortable doing. Success required a very particular skill set.

Go in, attain the target and get out alive.

Her father always said that everyone had a gift. Evidently, this was hers. It hadn’t failed her yet. She had no intention of allowing it to start today.

Inside the brick building that housed the sheriff’s department and county jail, a female desk sergeant greeted her.

“Special Agent Sadie Buchanan.” Sadie showed her credentials to the other woman. “I’m here to see Sheriff Tanner and Agent Ross.”

“Good morning, Agent Buchanan. Down the hall and to the left,” Sergeant Rodriquez said with a gesture toward the long corridor beyond her desk. “They’re waiting for you in the conference room, ma’am.”

Sadie thanked the sergeant and headed in the direction she’d indicated. One thing she had noticed about Winchester already and it was barely ten o’clock in the morning—it was a couple of degrees hotter than Nashville. The town was attractive in a quaint sort of way, surrounded by a lake and bordered by hills and woods. Most folks would see those hills and woods as nature’s perfect landscape. What Sadie saw in all that natural beauty were places to hide. Lots and lots of potential hiding places.

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