Hired Girlfriend, Pregnant Fiancée?

By: Nina Milne

A surprising proposition!

A binding consequence?

When a bachelorette party challenge means she must kiss a stranger, Gabby Johnson never expects to find herself lip to lip with Zander Grosvenor—her former teenage crush! Soon self-made millionaire Zander is proposing a fake relationship to fend off his well-meaning yet interfering family. But when a romantic trip to Portugal ignites the spark between them, Gabby and Zander must face the unexpected consequences—her pregnancy!

Zander sighed. “We were spotted kissing by one of my mom’s friends. She headed straight for Casa Grosvenor to share the glad tidings, and my family are thrilled.”

Gabby’s face held bemusement. “Okaaaay. I’m still not seeing this. All you had to do was explain you were helping out an old schoolmate with a hen challenge. End of.”

“Given the detail Edna went into about what she saw it would have been a tricky explanation.”

She speared an artichoke heart and shook her head. “Yes, but...”

“But you’re right. I could have explained it. I decided not to.”

“Because...” The artichoke halted halfway to her mouth and for a moment his gaze snagged on her lips, remembered their feel, the taste of her, the sheer unexpected passion and desire that kiss had evoked.

A deep breath, and he decided he may as well go for it. “Because I thought it would be a great idea to pretend you are my girlfriend.”

Dear Reader,

This is my tenth book (or at least the tenth one to be published—I won’t count the other manuscripts that lurk on my computer). And I am very pleased that Gabby and Zander feature at this milestone.

The challenge for both Gabby and Zander was how to move them forward in their lives. Gabby needed a hero who could entice her out of her beautifully constructed, familiar comfort zone—no easy task! Zander needed someone who could show him that love was possible for him—another Herculean labor!

It took them (and me) some time (and effort) to figure it out but they made it in the end—I hope you enjoy reading how they did it!

Nina x


WHAT ON EARTH was she doing here? Gabby Johnson forced a smile to her face and her nerves into submission as the word mistake flashed through her mind in neon. Get a grip, Gabby. This was supposed to be fun, for heaven’s sake—a hen weekend, friends together for two days of female solidarity and a good time to be had by all.

The problem was it depended on your definition of a good time.

‘Right!’ The maid of honour, to whom Gabby had just been introduced, a vivacious petite redhead called Lorna, clapped her hands together. ‘Ladies, I have a timetable of fun activities planned to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our very lovely friend Charlotte.’

Gabby relaxed slightly as everyone cheered. She reminded herself that this was a celebration—that it had been kind of Charlotte to include Gabby. They had been friends in college, lost touch and then reignited a friendship of sorts after bumping into each other a few months ago.

‘OK,’ Lorna continued. ‘So here we are in the lovely city of Bath, in this fantastic house right in the centre, and this is our plan for the evening. I promise that cocktails will be involved later. But first, I have a fun activity planned. Before I explain that, it’s time to have a glass of bubbly whilst we all get changed.’ Lorna turned around and gestured to seven luminous pink bags. ‘These are all named, and I hope I have got the sizes roughly right.’

Gabby stepped forward with everyone else and took her designated bag, watching as everyone else peered into theirs, listening to their shrieks of laughter. Panic began to shrivel the edges of her introverted soul.

Come on, Gabby. Woman up. How bad can it be?

The pops of champagne corks as everyone pulled mini bottles from their bags should have reassured her, but then...

‘It’s a bunny suit!’ one of the women exclaimed. ‘I have always wanted to try one of these on.’

A bunny suit? Somehow she’d expected a more low-key affair. Dinner and drinks. Maybe a cocktail. Bunny suits hadn’t figured anywhere in the equation. Now she was going to spend the evening in one.

Why, oh, why couldn’t she be like all the other women in the room, who seemed enthused by the whole idea? She would have sold her rapidly contracting soul in exchange for some of the palpable joie de vivre and confidence that filled the room.

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