Wild Ride Rancher

By: Maureen Child

This rancher is set in his ways.

Until temptation changes everything...

Wealthy rancher Liam Morrow steers clear of Texas princesses. But when a storm strands him in Houston with Chloe Hemsworth, there’s no escape—from her business demands or the heat between them. So he reluctantly agrees to give her a chance to prove herself. And now Chloe’s on his ranch and in his bed. A lot can happen in two weeks...

“I live my life my way and I don’t make apologies for it.”

“And I admire that,” he murmured as his gaze locked on the tip of her tongue sliding across her bottom lip. “But you and me? Hell, you’re starting something here that has nothing to do with that camp of yours.”

“I hope so,” Chloe said and moved in close enough that he could see down the gap of the towel to the swell of her breasts.

Then she pulled her hand free of his and laid both palms flat against his chest. She slid them up to his shoulders, to the back of his neck.

“You want to talk about the camp,” she asked, “or...”

Liam looked down into those golden eyes, saw the soft curve of her smile and knew his personal fight was over. He hadn’t stood a chance against this since the moment he’d walked into her office.

“What camp?” he ground out and grabbed hold of her.

* * *

Wild Ride Rancher by USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child is part of the Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston series.

Dear Reader,

The Texas Cattleman’s Club has a new branch in Houston! It’s very exciting for the writers because we can see old friends and at the same time, explore new territory. In Wild Ride Rancher, you’ll meet Liam Morrow and Chloe Hemsworth.

Liam is the foreman for the Perry ranch, but he’s worked his whole life to build his own fortune and chart his own future. Now he owns a ranch he’s eager to get to. But first, he has to take a meeting with Chloe.

Chloe’s never been encouraged to follow her dreams. In fact, she’s been expected to live her life as her parents have—worrying about what everyone else thinks. Chloe’s had enough. She has a plan for a cowgirl camp for young girls, but she needs Liam to convince his boss that it’s a good idea.

But unexpected fireworks between them throw everything into turmoil. Liam doesn’t trust the high-society girl to keep her word and Chloe has to fight to get past his trust issues. And the heat between them keeps things sizzling.

I hope you enjoy Wild Ride Rancher, because I had a great time writing it! Please stop by Facebook to visit and let me know what you think.

Until next time, happy reading!

Maureen Child


Liam Morrow had better things to do than sit in on a meeting with some spoiled rich girl just because she’d found a new cause. But there was no way out and he knew it.

Irritation roared into life inside him, and Liam did his best to tamp it down. It did no good to get riled up at something he couldn’t change. No matter what, Liam believed in doing his duty. He’d been raised to believe that a man’s word meant everything. And he’d given his word to Sterling Perry a long time ago.

“This is what happens when you owe somebody,” he muttered.

At least that old debt was nearly paid. In a month Liam would be free and clear and running his own place rather than being foreman on one of the biggest ranches in Texas.

“What was that?”

Liam looked at the man walking alongside him. Mike Hagen was new to Texas—hell, new to the Perry Ranch. But he was catching on quick, and that was a good thing, since he was set to become the new foreman here when Liam left at the end of the month.

Mike was no-nonsense and all about the job. He had ranching in his blood, just like Liam, which was probably why the two of them had hit it off right from the start. The only real difference between them was that Mike was a family man, with a wife and a baby on the way, and Liam was alone. By choice.

“It’s nothing,” Liam said. “Just grumbling to myself.” He glanced up at the cloud-studded sky. “It’s that meeting in the city I told you about.”

“Ahh.” Mike nodded sagely.

“Yeah, I hate getting pulled away from the ranch. Especially when we’re busy. Hell, I’ve been trying to get out of this particular meeting for a couple of weeks.”

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