Gold Star Heart

By: Stormy Glenn

Cade Creek 16

Cary James came to Cade Creek to find his twin brother and escape a killer, but trouble followed him, putting both his life and his younger brother’s life in danger. In an unfamiliar place with no idea where to turn, Cary does the only thing he can think of. He turns to a gorgeous deputy with a heart of gold.

Deputy Eddie Fletcher never dreamed when he was sent out on a call that he would be meet the man of his dreams, but that was exactly what Cary was. He was smart and sexy and in trouble, but before Eddie can even think of pursuing the man, he has to keep him alive. Cary’s life is a nightmare and he needs more help than Eddie can give him. Luckily, Eddie knows a few good people to call.

Chapter One

Deputy Eddie Fletcher slowed his cruiser and then pulled over to the side of the road at the spot where someone had reported seeing a car in the ditch. He couldn’t immediately see the vehicle, and that made him wonder if it had been a crank call, but he needed to look anyway.

He grabbed his CB mic and hit the button. “Agnes, this is Deputy Fletcher. I’m on scene at the report of that car in the ditch on Lower River Road. I’ll be out of vehicle for ten.”

“Copy that, Deputy.”

It seemed kind of ridiculous to tell someone he’d be out of his car for a few minutes when he was merely looking for a car in the ditch, but Sheriff John Riley was fanatical about following procedure. He wanted to make sure he always knew where his deputies were in case there was trouble.

Eddie checked his pistol before climbing out of the vehicle. He walked several yards in each direction, looking for the vehicle. When he didn’t spot anything on his side of the road, he crossed to the other side and started looking again.

He didn’t spot a car, but a flash of red in all the green trees and shrubbery caught his attention. Eddie walked closer, trying to get a better look. A set of blue eyes peeked at him through a mop of chestnut curls.

Eddie squatted to reach the kid’s eye level. He estimated the kid couldn’t be more than three or four, maybe younger. The boy was clearly frightened. The blood all over his shirt was a good indication that he had reason to be scared.

“Hello,” Eddie said softly. “I’m Deputy Eddie. Can you tell me your name?” He pointed to the gold badge on his uniform shirt. “See, I’m a police officer.”

Those smoky-blue eyes were filled with trepidation as they followed where Eddie was pointing and stared at the golden badge.

Eddie smiled. “I’m one of the good guys, kind of like Batman.”

Sort of.

Those frightened eyes moved back to his face for a moment before the kid turned and darted back through the trees.

“Hey.” Eddie jumped to his feet and ran after the little guy. He had to dodge several branches as he tried to follow the kid through the woods and down a steep slope. He paused near the bottom when he spotted the car. The front end was crushed and wrapped around a tree, which seemed to be the only thing keeping it from sliding farther down the slope.

The kid stood next to the open door of the vehicle, his hands clenched together. He watched Eddie cautiously, but with a hint of desperation as if he was waiting for Eddie to save him, or whoever was inside the vehicle.

Eddie moved closer.

“Peas hep Cawy.”

Eddie squinted as he tried to decipher those words. Peas hep…oh. “Cary? You need me to help Cary?”

Chestnut curls flopped as the kid nodded.

“Cawy hurt.”

The car jerked and slid a little when the kid tried to climb into it.

“No!” Eddie jumped forward and grabbed him. He turned, set the boy down on the ground, and pointed up the hill. “Go stand up there. I don’t want to have to worry about you while I’m trying to help Cary.”

Eddie waited until the little waif had climbed back up the hill, then turned back to the car. He grabbed an overhanging branch and used it as leverage as he lowered himself down far enough to see inside the vehicle.

Damn. There was someone hurt inside.

Eddie grabbed the mic attached to his uniform. “Agnes, I’m going to need EMTs and a tow truck at my location.”

“Copy that, Deputy. Code red or…”

“Hold on.” Eddie reached in and pressed his fingers against the guy’s neck. He breathed a sigh of relief when he felt a steady pulse under his fingertips. “Yeah, Agnes, code red. This guy is alive, but there’s a lot of blood. Head injury for sure. I can’t tell what else.”

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