The Bounty Hunter's Forbidden Desire

By: Jean Thomas

A desperate search through Alaska leads to danger—and undeniable passion!

Bounty hunter Chase McKinley will do anything to locate his missing brother—even kidnap the man’s girlfriend. But Haley Adams has no leads on her ex…other than a mysterious package that brings murder in its wake. Handcuffed to the sexy tracker, she’s stunned when her outrage turns to attraction…

With only an Alaska postmark, Chase follows the trail—with Haley. He put her in danger; only he can protect her. But who’ll protect him from the woman he desires and can never have? With every step, they get closer to his brother…and to a killer who sets the perfect trap—with them as bait.

“Touch me. Please.”

She pressed his hands to her and Chase ignited. If he didn’t stop now, there would be no stopping. And he had to.

“I can’t do this, Haley. Not when you belong to someone else.”

He saw the wounded expression in her eyes. “It’s not me your brother owns. It’s you, Chase.”

It didn’t make sense. No one owned him.


“Just go back to your room.”

He did as she asked. But he didn’t sleep. He had to admit snatching Haley without any authority and forcing her to go with him to find his missing brother had been reckless.

Now it was too late. As long as there was any risk to her, he had to remain at her side. Which was a big problem when she was a walking temptation. And now it looked as if she was also attracted to him.

So, what the hell were they going to do about it?


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Dear Reader,

Have you ever heard of Svalbard? I hadn’t either until a few years ago when I learned it’s an archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole. There, on an uninhabited island, is located what may well be mankind’s most important structure—a state-of-the-art storage facility built inside a frozen mountain. To store what? Seeds. Millions of varieties of seeds collected from around the world. If a monumental disaster, natural or man-made, should ever occur to our crops, here are preserved in this Global Seed Vault the seeds to begin anew.

The more I read about Svalbard, the more intrigued I became. Those who have read my romantic suspense books know that I like to build my stories around unique subjects. The Bounty Hunter’s Forbidden Desire is one of those stories. It concerns a man and a woman who race to save an international seed vault threatened with destruction by a megalomaniac—a seed vault that in my novel is situated in Alaska, not Norway. As fast-paced as the plot is, this is not its major theme. That deals with a guilt-ridden hero searching for his missing brother and the romance that was never supposed to happen. Here’s a hint before you take this journey with Haley and Chase. You won’t need a dogsled. It can be quite warm in Alaska in the summer. And with Haley and Chase heating up the environment…well, you get the idea.

Jean Thomas

Chapter 1

Chase McKinley sat behind the wheel of his black SUV, watching the couple in the gray Chevy. The sedan was parked diagonally across the street from him, its position allowing him to observe the occupants without giving them a reason to be suspicious of his presence. In any case, they were too engrossed in what appeared to be an intense dialogue to be aware of him.

There was no way for Chase to hear what they were saying. Nor did he worry about that. What the woman looked like was his only real concern at the moment. At this angle, and with the width of the street between them, that was hard to tell.

The PI whom Chase regularly used had emailed a photo of the brunette, but it had been a blurry, disappointing result. Far more interesting was the investigator’s description in his report. He’d referred to her simply as “a hot number.” An exaggeration? Maybe. Chase looked forward to finding out.

The Chevy’s front passenger door opened. A pair of long, shapely legs swung into view. They were followed by the rest of the woman who owned them. Chase sucked in a lungful of air. Holy crap! The PI had been right on target. Haley Adams was one dark-haired, gorgeous filly.

She was joined by the guy behind the wheel of the Chevy, who had rounded the rear of the car to meet her. Chase couldn’t say much for her taste in men. Not bad looking, he supposed, but too ordinary to make any impression. And with an extraordinary-looking woman like her, he would have expected something more.

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