Anything for Their Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Healing Hearts 7


Brook Logan was driving through Sussex County on the border of Mercy and Castings when the call came in over the police radio. As an investigator for the Sussex County sheriff’s department, she also helped out doing additional patrols during the busy season. It was July 15, hot, and the constant calls kept everyone busy. This was a little different than their usual traffic violations, car accidents, brawls, and assaults.

“Robbery in progress at 223 Smith and Colb Boulevard,” came over the radio. Smith and Clove? Brook thought. Crap, that’s a block away from where I am.

She didn’t switch on the sirens as she replied to the call.

“This is Investigator Logan. I’m on Bellings Drive, a block from that location. Responding now,” she said and stepped on the gas. She maneuvered through a little bit of traffic and then onto the side street as dispatch gave more information.

She listened as she realized she was the only one close enough to respond. Trooper Ranger Pencer was five minutes out, and as others from Mercy and Castings responded, they would arrive within five minutes. She knew she was lead. What she hadn’t expected as she came around the corner were three men, one holding a woman around the waist and shots being fired. Looked to her like they just robbed the jewelry store and perhaps that was an owner, she wasn’t sure. She came to a stop and jumped from the car, gun drawn.

“Stop! Police! Put down your weapons!” she yelled, and she could hear the sirens in the distance. The gunshots at her car hit the windshield and the doorframe as two of the men were coming toward her shooting. She hit one in the leg and the shoulder, then the next she thought she hit in the head but it was his ear. He was holding it and yelling, and she took the next shot hitting him in the leg to take him out of commission. At this point, numerous officers were skidding to a halt beside her cruiser, and the guy with the woman wasn’t budging. He was panicking.

“Remain still, ma’am,” Brook said, and then the guy hit the woman with his gun. She fell to the ground, and he started running.

“Stop!” Brook exclaimed and took off after him. She could hear her radio going off and more sirens blaring, and as she rounded the corner the guy went around she almost didn’t see him as he swung at her. She ducked and then came back at him. They struggled on the ground. “Give it up. You’re under arrest.”

“Fuck you!” he exclaimed and struck her body, but she had on a bullet-proof vest. It still hurt but enraged her more than anything, and as other cops came around the corner, flashlights on them, she made a martial arts move, twisted her leg over his, flipped him, and heard his scream of pain as she broke his ankle. The snap echoed as he hollered. She pulled his arms behind his back with Zayn and Ranger’s assistance, and then shoved him down.

“You broke my fucking ankle, bitch! That’s assault!” he yelled.

“You resisted arrest, attacked me, and I was defending myself, idiot. Your broken ankle is the least of your problems. You’re going to jail for a long time.”

“Fuck, it hurts!” He was crying as she tried to catch her breath. Zayn reached a hand out to her.

“Awesome job, Investigator Logan,” he said, and more sirens were blaring in the background, paramedics arriving on the scene. It was chaos. This was going to be a lot of paperwork.

“How is the hostage, the woman? She okay?” Brook asked them. Other police were there now as well as some fellow deputies from Sussex.

“Paramedics are with her now. She took a good blow to the head. She was out cold when we checked with the other officers,” fellow deputy Carter Ross said to her. He gave her shoulder a squeeze. “You didn’t even give anyone time to assist you, Brook. All super woman as usual,” he teased.

“I was the closest and had no choice but to engage when they shot at me.”

“Yeah, your car isn’t drivable with that windshield out,” Deputy Yandi Flow added.

“No worries, I’ll be happy to give her a ride,” Carter said, eyeing her over. He was such a flirt.

The paramedics came over and started to look at the guy’s ankle.

“I won’t need one now, but later from the hospital. This guy isn’t going out of my sight.”

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