A Love to Heal a Broken Heart

By: Lilah Rivers



When Jodi’s fiancé leaves her for her cousin, her heart is broken into a million pieces. Needing a new start, she decides to visit her best friend, Amy, in New Mexico and help her through her pregnancy. Her trip to the west turns out to be a healing journey for her, filled with new opportunities, including the affection of the handsome local sheriff. The time she felt she would never feel happiness again seems so far away now. But will she dare to give him her heart after everything she’s been through?

Sheriff Covey was always focused on his job, and kept to himself until a mesmerizing woman arrived in town. To his surprise, Jodi brings out a warmer side of him that he didn’t even know existed. But what he doesn’t realise is that Jodi still carries the wounds from her past. When the past comes knocking at her door, Covey will be called to decide if her heart was ever his in the first place. When all seems to be against his love for her, will he defy everything and follow his heart?

In this story about childhood friends and second chances in love, can faith help two people come together? Twists and turns keep these complex and determined protagonists racing toward their destinies, leaving the most discerning reader on the edge of their seats! Action and emotion comes alive like never before on the page! An intense drama for fans of spiritual love stories.

Chapter 1

Jodi Hoffman couldn’t help thinking about the old days, when she and her best friend Amy Harper were just twelve years old and became fast friends. A little blonde and a matching redhead, they were the princesses of Providence, Rhode Island. They had grown up sheltered by their parents and by each other, playing among the alders and the aspen trees, bright sunshine pouring down over the East Coast.

“I don't care,” little Amy said to the imaginary husband standing in front of her, pointing and wagging an angry finger. “If you cannot accept my best friend Jodi, here, then you are no kind of man for me!” Amy stood with her head turned, brows high, pretending to listen to her man's pathetic excuse. "That's absurd, her father is a physician! And she’s just about the kindest, most gentle soul you could ever be so lucky to know!”

Jodi had sat watching, impressed and amused with their little game.

Amy had listened to that invisible man’s unheard response and answered, “How can you be so small-minded and ridiculous?”

Jodi remembered staring in awe as Amy set the example of feminine strength and sorority. Amy waited, and Jodi imagined what her pretend fiancé was saying. Jodi had been able to tell by the answers Amy was giving.

“Then you can just shove off, buster,” Amy had said. "Because Jodi and I will be friends forever, friends for life... and you'll just have to go marry somebody else!”

Jodi had laughed and clapped. “We’ll be two old spinsters. Men can have the air!”

“Yeah, we’ll rely on each other! Men don’t bring much more than trouble, anyway.”

“Anyway?” Jodi had repeated. “In every way!” They’d shared a little laughter, and it had lasted longer than either had thought; for years.

But ten years later they were twenty-two, still in Rhode Island, but no longer so ready to refuse the right man. Things had changed over the years, themselves mostly—their bodies, their views of the world, their hopes for the future. Nothing was the same, other than their friendship. That was as strong as ever, even if other attractions and impulses got stronger, too.

But in the front parlor of the Hoffman home, Jodi and Amy sat as young women, sipping real Earl Grey tea from England. Jodi remarked, “We were such silly girls, weren’t we?”

Amy shrugged. “I don’t know. I think we had the right idea. All the boys we’ve known since then, weren't they just one disappointment after the next?”

Jodi smiled and took a polite pause to sip her tea. “I suppose, if you expect too much of them, anybody could disappoint.”

Amy’s green eyes flashed to Jodi’s blue. “Expect too much? I expect to be treated like the free American person that I am, not as a sheep or goat or dog or horse.”

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