Wyoming Cowboy Ranger

By: Nicole Helm

He reminds her of a past she’s spent a long time trying to forget...

Jen Delaney kept her romance with Tyler Carson secret—along with her broken heart after he left Bent. Now the army ranger is back and convinced a madman is targeting Jen to get to him. When the stubborn woman doesn’t heed his warnings, Ty is forced to take extreme measures. But nothing he does seems to deter their dangerous stalker, and time is running out...

“I need you to be careful.” He was so solemn, so serious.

Her throat constricted and her heart beat so hard she was sure her whole body vibrated from the violence of it.

His grip on her chin softened, his fingertip moving along the line of her jaw. She wanted to melt into a puddle, but she wasn’t seventeen anymore, and with that frisson of delight she was reminded she hated Ty Carson.

She slapped his hand away, raising her chin at him, trying for regal instead of panicked. “Don’t manhandle me.”

He only raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” she said, with more feeling than she should have shown him.

“I want you to be aware. Take precautions. Keep yourself safe and protected.” He moved out of the way of the door and her exit. “It’s that simple.”

Simple? Sure. As if anything to do with Ty Carson was simple.


Tyler “Ty” Carson—Former army ranger. He’s now home in Bent, Wyoming, for good, but is receiving letters threatening his family and his first love, Jen Delaney.

Jen Delaney—Ty’s secret high school sweetheart. Runs the Delaney General Store in Bent. She was heartbroken when Ty left town without a word, so she’s determined to avoid him as much as possible. Members of their families marrying each other is making it difficult. She thinks Ty is paranoid about her being in danger, until she starts to receive unnerving visits from a stranger.

Thomas Hart—A sheriff’s deputy with the Bent County sheriff’s department. Dated Jen a few times.

Braxton Lynn—The writer of the threatening letters to Ty. No one can figure out what connection he has to Ty or Jen.

Zach Simmons—Ty’s cousin, whom he’s only recently learned about, and a former FBI agent working for Jen’s brother. He helps Ty and Jen with some security measures.

Laurel Delaney-Carson—Jen’s sister and a detective with the sheriff’s department. She’s on desk duty due to pregnancy.

Grady Carson—Ty’s cousin and Laurel’s husband. Grady runs Rightful Claim, Bent’s saloon—where Ty lives in the apartment above.

For anyone who found the courage to go home again, and those who had the bravery to stay.

Chapter One

Jen Delaney loved Bent, Wyoming, the town she’d been born in, grown up in. She was a respected member of the community, in part because she ran the only store that sold groceries and other essentials within a twenty-mile radius of town.

From her position crouched on the linoleum while she stocked shelves, she looked around the small town store she’d taken over at the ripe age of eighteen. For the past ten years it had been her baby with its narrow aisles and hodgepodge of necessities.

She’d always known she’d spend the entirety of her life happily ensconced in Bent and her store, no matter what happened around her.

The reappearance of Ty Carson didn’t change that knowledge so much as make it...annoying. No, annoying would have been just his being in town again. The fact their families had somehow intermingled in the last year was...a catastrophe.

Her sister, Laurel, marrying Ty’s cousin Grady had been a shock, very close to a betrayal, though it was hard to hold it against Laurel when Grady was so head over heels for her it was comical. They both glowed with love and happiness and impending parenthood.

Jen tried not to hate them for it.

She could forgive Cam, her oldest brother, for his serious relationship with Hilly. Hilly was biologically a Carson, but she’d only just found that out. Besides, Hilly wasn’t like other Carsons. She was so sweet and earnest.

But Dylan and Vanessa... Her business-minded, sophisticated older brother impregnating and marrying snarky bad girl Vanessa Carson... That was a nightmare.

And none of it was fair. Jen was now, out of nowhere, surrounded by Carsons and Delaneys intermingling—which went against everything Bent had ever stood for. Carsons and Delaneys hated each other. They didn’t fall in love and get married and have babies.

And still, she could have handled all that in a certain amount of stride if it weren’t for Ty Carson. Everywhere she turned he seemed to be right there, his stoic gaze always locked on her, reminding her of a past she’d spent a lot of time trying to bury and forget.

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