The Agent's Surrender

By: Kimberly van Meter

Rival agents uncover a monstrous conspiracy

From the moment they met, sparks had flown…and not the good kind. Agent Jane Fallon would rather chew nails than work with arrogant—and much too good-looking—Holden Archangelo. But, convinced his brother was no traitor, Holden had Jane’s investigation reopened. And now Jane is forced to partner with him.

As new leads come to light, Jane’s certainty about the case is shaken. But the assassin’s bullet whizzing past her head convinces her they are onto something. Jane’s determined to keep things professional, but as the danger around them intensifies, so does the fierce attraction they try so hard to deny….

“You have to admit there’s a spark between us.”

“That’s not the point,” Jane insisted. “Neither of us is suited for a relationship.”

“I’m going to play dumb for a second so you can tell me why we’re not suited for one another,” Holden replied.

“There’s no way I could ever bring you home to my family.”

“Last time I checked I was a pretty good catch.”

“It’s nothing to do with you. It’s the way my family would perceive you.”

“I’m confused. You’re saying it’s not me, it’s your family?”

“Sort of.”

“Oh, good. For a second I thought you were throwing up imaginary obstacles,” he said. “Listen, just admit that you and I shared something pretty incredible. And I’ll leave it at that.”

“You’ll drop it?”

“Sure,” he lied. “Just admit that I rocked your world and we’ll go back to being simply partners without benefits.”

“Okay, Holden. You were pretty amazing and quite possibly the best guy I’ve ever slept with. Is that enough?”

“Yeah, it’ll do. Now tell me again why we shouldn’t be partners with benefits?”

“You’re impossible.”

Dear Reader,

Go big or go home—that was the prevailing mantra that kept running through my head with the final chapter in this exciting series of books. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been, the characters rich with life and the situation without easy answers. Of course, it makes for good reading, but it makes for really hard writing! This book didn’t come together easily, but it was worth the trouble, as I think this story is one of the best (which is hard for me to say because all my books are like my babies).

I hope you enjoy The Agent’s Surrender with its twists and turns and ultimate conclusion. If you’re just coming to this story, you might want to check out The Sniper, which is Nathan’s story, and Moving Target, which is Jake’s story. Both are a great complement to Jane and Holden’s story.

Hearing from readers is a special joy. Please feel free to drop me a line via email through my website at or through snail mail at Kimberly Van Meter, P.O. Box 2210, Oakdale, CA 95361.

All the best,


Chapter 1

“They can’t do this.” Holden Archangelo, CIA special skills officer, held his temper by the thinnest margin as his superior, Reed Harris, chief of staff, military affairs, looked up at Holden’s sudden appearance in his office. Holden gripped the door frame with Jane Fallon hot on his heels. “There’s been a mistake,” he said, ignoring Jane’s rigid, unwelcome presence.

“Your personal feelings are clouding your judgment,” Jane cut in, her lithe and muscular frame nearly as stiff as her inability to see Holden’s side. “If the accused were anyone other than your twin brother, would you have the same objections?”

He ignored her point. “Miko’s innocent.”

“He was proved guilty,” Jane countered. “And he will be treated as any person found guilty of treason.” She looked to Reed for affirmation.

“We all can sympathize with your position, Holden,” Reed said, leaning back in his chair with a heavy sigh.

Holden swallowed. Yes, the entire department knew Miko was Holden’s twin brother, which was why the case had been given to Jane and not Holden.

He kept his gaze trained on their superior, effectively trying to ignore Jane’s presence, which was near impossible. Pissed as hell would’ve been too mild of a phrase for the impotent rage choking him. He could admit Jane was a solid investigator, but he believed her final determination had been personal. Very personal. “Permission to remove Agent Fallon from the case for someone less biased.”

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