Tempted by the Hot Highland Doc

By: Scarlet Wilson

A year in the life...

...of the Scottish doc.

TV presenter Kristie Nelson’s new job could make her career, but it involves filming GP Rhuaridh Gillespie on a remote Scottish island. The doctor’s temper is as hot as his rugged good looks and soon their chemistry steals the show. Only, Kristie’s just as tempted off camera by the gorgeous doc, who’s challenging her to face her past, as she is when they’re in the spotlight...

“You just scaled part of a rock face and walked through a waterfall, Dr. Gillespie. Some people might call that superhero material.”

“What would you call it?” The words were out instantly. Instinct. His gut reaction to that question. Because he really wanted to know the answer. He wanted to know exactly what Kristie Nelson thought about him.

If he’d thought for a few more seconds, he’d have realized she’d just avoided his question. The one that might get to the heart of who she was.

“I haven’t quite decided yet,” she whispered, the edges of her mouth turning upward. “But things are looking up.”

Her hand on his skin was making his pulse race. His eyes went instinctively to her mouth. The one he wanted to kiss.

He moved forward, all rational thoughts leaving his brain as his lips firmly connected with hers. She reacted instantly, leaning in toward him and sliding one hand up the side of his neck. He knew she needed comfort. He knew she needed reassurance.

But little alarms were going off in his brain, like red flags frantically waving. How could he kiss her when he knew there was something else affecting her?

Dear Reader,

I’ve been fascinated by all the recent TV series showing glimpses into people’s lives and I couldn’t resist trying to write about one. Meet Rhuaridh Gillespie, the Scottish GP who has filming three days a week for an entire year thrust upon him with no real option to say no. Kristie Nelson is the American TV presenter who needs to make this show work—her last three have bombed—and sparks fly between the sparky American and the grumpy doc. It doesn’t take long for their sparring to make the show a hit—but how do they really feel about each other, and how can a relationship work when they are thousands of miles apart?

I loved writing a story that showed only a few days of every month. It kept me, and my characters, on their toes.

Here’s hoping you fall in love with these two as much as I did!

I love to hear from readers. Feel free to contact me via my website, scarlet-wilson.com.

Best wishes,



‘ABSOLUTELY NO WAY. I’m not doing it.’ Kristie Nelson shook her head and folded her arms across her chest.

Louie, her boss, arched one eyebrow at her. ‘Do you want to pay your mortgage or not?’

She shifted uncomfortably on her chair. ‘I was promised a chance at working with the news team. These puff pieces are driving me nuts, and if you send me in the direction of another quiz show I swear I’ll grab that ceremonial sword from behind your head and stick it somewhere nasty.’

Louie let out a hearty laugh. They’d been working together far too long to be anything but straight with each other.

He sighed and leaned his head on one hand. ‘Kristie, your last two projects have bombed. You fell out—in a spectacular fashion, I might add—with the producer on the TV series you were scheduled for. I’ve had to search around for work that might fit with your other obligations.’

She swallowed, her throat instantly dry. Louie knew her well—better than most because she revealed nothing to most people—and, although she didn’t tell him so, she did appreciate it.

She stared down at the file he’d handed her. ‘A Year in the Life of the Hot Highland Doc? Really?’ Her voice arched upwards, along with her eyebrows. She tried to ignore the involuntary shudder that went down her spine. She straightened her shoulders. ‘Sounds like another puff piece to me.’

Louie looked her in the eye. ‘A puff piece that involves filming three days a month on the island—paid travel to and from the island, all expenses covered, and a salary better than any news channel would pay you.’

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. When he put it like that...

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