Identity: Classified

By: Liz Shoaf

Uncovering the past

May be the only way to survive

After security specialist Chloe Spencer witnesses a murder on her webcam, the killer faces the camera with a threat: return his disc, or she’s next. Unsure what he’s after, Chloe uses an alias and runs...until she lands in Sheriff Ethan Hoyt’s jurisdiction. When the killer finds her, Chloe must stand alone or trust Ethan—with the secrets of her past, her life...and her heart.

The woman was trouble.

He glanced at her in the passenger seat. But she also intrigued him. Not that he’d do anything about it. Chloe had too many secrets, including her identity.

Ethan hit a deep rut in the mountain road and she groaned. “I guess a city girl like you isn’t used to roughing it,” he said.

She snorted. “You’d be surprised at some of the places I’ve been to.”

He jumped on that clue. “Tell me.”

The blood drained from her face.

The cabin came into view and he tabled his interrogation. Right now he needed to get some answers from its owner. “Stay in the car while I go in.” He opened the car door and a bullet whizzed over the top of his head. “Get down!”

“This is starting to tick me off.”

Ethan couldn’t believe it. Someone was shooting at them and she wasn’t afraid? “What kind of life have you really led?”

Chloe didn’t answer.

Didn’t matter. Either way, that life was now his to protect.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

—Mark 16:15

To my own hero, Captain James W. Phelps. Over the years we have traveled the long and winding path that God set us upon. There’s been laughter and tears, but no matter what, we always knew God was there every step of the way, ready to catch us if we fell. I have no doubt that you love me, and that’s a very precious commodity.

To my editor, Dina Davis, who never fails to catch my plot problems. :) Thanks for being in my corner! And to her boss, Tina, who has final approval of all books. The art department always does such a fantastic job, so a shout-out to all you guys who work behind the scenes to make every book possible.


Chloe Spencer tossed a piece of popcorn high into the air and deftly caught it in her mouth. A barely audible whimper rose from the vicinity of the floor beside her office chair. She glanced down and grinned. “Want some, do you, Geordie?”

Her fifteen-pound chocolate miniature poodle stared at her with black button eyes, bright with intelligence. He gently took the snack she handed to him.

Her computer chirped. She swiveled her chair around and rubbed her hands together in anticipation. As head of her one-person security company, Spencer Security, her job was to find and eliminate cyber threats and in-house data theft for companies she had contracted with. Sci-Fi Works Corporation was one of her clients, and a board member suspected someone in the company of stealing data and selling it to outside sources. He personally asked her to look into it on the sly.

She hit a few keys to activate her webcam, and there sat CEO Peter Norris, right in front of his computer in his office. She had a perfect shot of him. Geordie snorted and she grunted back.

Chloe quickly triggered the hidden software installed on all computers within the company—approved by the same board member—which allowed her to view and record anything an employee did on their PC. She also turned on her own camera and recorded everything she did—a security measure that protected her against a disgruntled employee accusing her of planting evidence.

“Yeah, yeah, I know he’s way out of my league, but he’s not my type anyway.”

Out of her league? That was putting it mildly. She didn’t live in the same universe as Peter Norris, the head of Sci-Fi Works Corporation. He was wealthy, successful and, from the information she’d gleaned in a routine computer search, a nice and straight-up kind of guy. And her? Well, she lugged around a ton of baggage. Her background wasn’t exactly what anyone would call squeaky clean, which was why she was sitting home on a Friday night instead of out on a date. She’d probably never marry because she would never tell anyone the reason she had spent time in juvenile hall. Her past held secrets and she meant to keep them.

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