Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard

By: Nicole Helm

Her bodyguard was murdered.

Will she be next?

Following her scandalous divorce, fans turned on country music “bad girl” Daisy Delaney. Now someone wants her dead. But former FBI agent Zach Simmons isn’t letting this violent psychopath get any closer to Daisy. Because the bodyguard will do whatever it takes to protect the bad girl he’s falling for...

“Does the calm, bland, bored facade ever get exhausting?”

Zach didn’t care for how easily Daisy saw through him. “Who says it’s a facade?”

Her mouth quirked up at one side. “You weren’t so bland or bored when I was rifling through your stuff.”

Even now the reminder made his jaw clench, even more so when she full-on grinned and pointed at him. “See? Underneath that robot exterior, there is a man with a living, breathing heart.” She looked down at the guitar in her lap and frowned. “Believe it or not, Zach, I’d rather have a man with a heart on this case over a robot.”

“Believe it or not, Daisy, I do what I have to do to keep you safe. Robot exterior included.”

She pursed her lips together, as if she took it as some kind of challenge.

Lucky for him, he was not a man to back down from a challenge—any more than he was a man to lose one.


Zach Simmons—Former FBI agent, currently partnered with Cam Delaney in a security company called CD Corp that offers protection for those in danger. Zach’s brainchild is a ghost town used as cover for a thriving protective community.

Daisy Delaney/Lucy Cooper—Famous country singer Daisy Delaney’s real name is Lucy Cooper, and she’s been stalked for the past year, culminating in her bodyguard’s murder. Worried that her brother’s family will be in danger if she stays in Texas, she agrees to go to Wyoming to be protected by CD Corp.

Vaughn Cooper—Lucy’s brother, a Texas Ranger who arranges all her security after her bodyguard’s death.

Cam Delaney—Zach’s business partner in CD Corp, also engaged to Zach’s sister. They take turns being lead on cases, so he’s only doing research on Daisy’s case.

Hilly Adams—Zach’s sister, who grew up apart from the family. She’s the assistant at CD Corp and helps with running errands.

Jordan Jones—Daisy’s ex-husband, also a famous country singer. He’s been attempting to make Daisy look bad in the press since their divorce, which she instigated.

Stacy Vine—Daisy’s manager and friend since she was a teenager.

Chapter One

Tom was dead. She’d been ushered away from his lifeless body and open, empty brown eyes thirty minutes ago and still, that was all she saw. Tom sprawled on the floor, limbs at an unnatural angle, eyes open and unseeing.


She was in the back of a police cruiser, moving through Austin at a steady clip. Daisy Delaney. America’s favorite country bad girl. Until she’d filed for divorce from country’s golden child, Jordan Jones. Now everyone hated her, and someone wanted her dead.

But they’d killed Tom first.

She wanted to close her eyes, but she was afraid the vision of Tom would only intensify if she did. So she focused on the world out the window. Pearly dawn. Green suburban lawns.

She was holding it together. Even though Tom’s lifeless eyes haunted her. And all that blood. The smell of it. She was queasy and desperately wanted to cry, but she was holding on. Gotta save face, Daisy girl. No matter what. Never let them see they got to you.

It didn’t matter the name her mother had given her was Lucy Cooper. Daddy had always used her stage name—the name he’d given her. Daisy Delaney, after his dearly departed grandmother, who’d given him his first guitar.

She’d relished that once upon a time, no matter how much her mother and brother had disapproved. Today, for the first time in her life, she wondered where she might be if she hadn’t followed in her famous father’s footsteps.

She couldn’t change the past so she held it together. Didn’t let anyone see she was devastated, shaken or scared.

Until the car pulled up in front of her brother’s house. He was standing outside. She’d expected to see him in his Texas Rangers uniform of pressed khakis, a button-up shirt and that shiny star she knew he took such pride in.

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