That Night in Texas

By: Joss Wood

“That night... Why did you leave?”

Her child’s father is back...and wants answers.

Nearly dying in the aftermath of a storm is shock enough for Vivi Donner. Waking to find her sexy one-night stand—and the father of her secret child—standing by her hospital bed? Heart-stopping. Now Camden McNeal is determined to know his daughter and the woman he never forgot. Will their explosive passion last more than one night this time?

“Ready to start talking?”

Vivianne sighed. “I don’t suppose I have much of a choice.”

“Not really, no.”

“I’m Vivi Donner, by the way.”

Cam rolled the name around his mind, could easily imagine himself whispering it as he kissed her, painting it on her skin as he tongued her. Sighing it as he slid into her hot, wet warmth. Cam gave himself a mental punch to the temple.

Yeah, he was still attracted to her, but so what?

He cursed himself for not being able to forget about her—and he cursed her for dropping back into his life, for making him yearn and burn. He’d never forgotten her and he hated her for that. This brown-eyed woman made him feel like his world was shifting, that something was changing.

Vivi’s reappearance in his life was going to rock him to the soles of his feet.

“Why am I your emergency contact, Vivianne?”

Whatever color was left in Vivi’s face drained away.

“I have a daughter, Clementine. She’s two years old...and you are her father.”

* * *

That Night in Texas is part of the

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston series.

 Dear Reader,

A storm has slammed Houston, and it’s chaotic. The Texas Cattleman’s Club is opening in Houston, and two families with a complicated history are vying for control of the club. But there is someone else who wants revenge on the Perry and Currin clans...

Camden McNeal and Vivi Donner slept together three years ago and parted without exchanging contact details. They’ve both come a long way in a short time. Cam is now a venture capitalist and Vivi is an executive chef and mom to Cam’s daughter, Clem.

After recognizing Cam in her restaurant, Vivi toyed with telling Cam about Clem, but the fear that he would take control of her and Clem’s lives made her hesitate. But in case something happened to her, she named Cam as Clem’s father in her will and as her emergency contact.

And then something awful did happen and suddenly, in the aftermath of the storm, Cam is faced with the woman he could never forget and the child he never knew he fathered. Can Cam and Vivi, with all their baggage and stubbornness, find love and the family they both need?

Read on to find out!

Happy reading,


Vivi Donner gripped her steering wheel and leaned forward, hoping that the extra couple of inches would help her see better through the gray, dense fog. It was another awful day after a string of terrible days, and like the rest of the residents of Houston, Texas, she felt both battered and shattered. After the storm that had led to devastating flooding, a blast of sunshine would help. But a clear day would also force Houston to face the destruction that had been caused and to take stock of the extensive damage to homes and buildings. Vivi jerked her eyes off to the side and the fog cleared just enough for her to see the piles of debris, broken branches and ruined furniture on the sidewalks.

Thank God her house, and that of Clem’s sitter, Charlie, was undamaged. The same couldn’t be said for The Rollin’ Smoke, the famed barbecue restaurant where she worked as head chef.

According to Joe, the owner and her mentor, her beautiful, newly updated kitchen was ruined. The renovations to the restaurant had been finished just six weeks ago, and the new floor, booths, tables and chairs were all wrecked, as well. Garbage and debris still covered the floor, and all hands, including hers, were needed on deck.

As the head chef who answered only to Joe, she could wait until her staff did the heavy lifting and cleaning before she returned, but she wasn’t a prima donna. How could she be? She’d worked her way up the ladder at the restaurant—albeit in record time—from dishwasher to head chef, but she still knew how to get her hands dirty.

Joe’s name might be on the deeds to the eatery but The Rollin’ Smoke was hers, dammit, and Vivi wanted to be there to pick it up and dry it off.

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