Savage Love

By: Lexy Timms

Wet & Wild Series

Savage Love Blurb

GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE to love you the right way.

On her wedding day, Kallie finds her wealthy fiancée messing around with his best man’s wife. Humiliated and angry, she decides to go on her honeymoon—alone. It’s already paid for, so why not?

She swears off rich men for the rest of her life, and that's why the surfer hunk seems like the perfect distraction. Short term. No Strings. When they're trapped together in a storm, she realizes her feelings run deeper than expected.

Back home in New York, her fiancé is begging for another chance. Unsure of what to tell him, their conversation is interrupted when the surfer shows up, dressed to the nines.

Will Kallie go back to her ex, or will she give the surfer-slash-billionaire a chance, even though she’s sworn off rich guys forever?

And will the surfer, who’s always hated gold diggers, think Kallie is the real thing?

Chapter 1


Kallie felt James approach her from behind, a dark shadow hovering over her shoulder. She looked up into his eyes and found him eyeing Ash carefully and she wasn’t sure what to do. Ash had shown up at her door with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers she’d ever been given and dressed in a suit that made her want to rip at it until nothing but his bare skin was underneath her fingertips.

“Who’s at the door?” James asked.

“Um ... it’s a new friend of mine,” Kallie said.

Her eyes flickered over to Ash and they lit up with something she couldn't quite define. And she didn’t want to take the time to analyze it. She was standing in a very volatile situation and she didn’t know how to diffuse it. Maybe Ash was being protective? But what did he have to be protective over? Was he upset that another man was in her apartment? Surely not. Ash didn’t strike her as the jealous type. As the possessive type. That was James’s type, and the posturing he was doing was right in time with his personality.

Kallie felt James slip his arm around her, but she shrugged off his touch.

“Would you like to come in, Ash?” she asked.

It was then his eyes dropped to hers, and she held her breath for his answer.

“I’m good,” Ash said as he shook his head. “Though if you’re free later, I’d like to see you. If you’re interested.”

Kallie’s heart dropped to her toes. She wanted him to come in. To make himself at home while she showed James the way out. Speechless, she watched as Ash’s eyes panned up to James one last time, then he turned delicately on his heel and walked away. Her eyes followed him down the hallway, until he disappeared into an elevator, and he chanced a glance up before she disappeared.

Was that ... hurt she saw?

How had Ash found her?

James put his hand on her shoulder as she shut the door. She moved from beneath the heat of his hand and went into her kitchen. She wanted to get the beautiful flowers into some water. She was also curious as to what the card attached to them said. But she didn’t want to read it while James was lingering, and he really was making a show of it.

She could feel his eyes on her as she filled a vase with water and placed the flowers in their new home.

“Who was that, Kallie?” James asked.

“Just a friend,” she said.

“That bouquet of flowers is easily four hundred dollars.”

“Can my friends not have money?”

“I don’t take any of my female friends expensive bouquets of flowers.”

“No. You take them your dick,” she said plainly.

“Are you saying I have competition?”

“There’s no competition,” Kallie said as she turned around. “That’s a friend, and you’re my ex.”

“I thought you said you were going to give us another chance.”

“I never said anything.”

“Kallie ... look. I just—”

James moved at lightning speed toward her and pressed her body against the kitchen counter. The heat of his body drew her mind back to fonder memories. When the two of them were naked in each other’s arms and she was the only thing in his eyes. Kallie closed her eyes and tried to bat them away. Tried to ignore how good James’s hand felt against her cheek. She needed to be strong. She needed to get him out of her apartment.

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