Defying His Charm

By: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1

His momma had been severely remiss in her responsibilities!

Naya shifted in the plush chair and glanced down at her notebook, refusing to look at the man who kept staring at her as if she might be his next dessert. Taking a deep breath, she forced her racing heart to stop dancing around in her chest. He was just a man. To another woman - a woman who wasn’t as strong as she was - the man might be attractive in a rugged, raw sort of way. But Naya wasn’t that kind of a woman. She wasn’t interested in a relationship and definitely not interested in a man who looked like he took arrogance to an art form. An incredibly rude man, who should know better than to stare at a woman. He was making Naya uncomfortable!

With another deep, slow breath, she lowered her eyes, wanting the information the speaker was delivering, but unwilling to deal with the man’s rude, obnoxious, heated stare in her direction. It didn’t matter how gorgeous the man was, he still shouldn’t stare!

She’d been pretending to write something on her notebook for several minutes, but when she had her temper back under control, she looked up from her notebook, assuming he’d stopped his ill-mannered perusal of her being.

Darn it! He was still doing it!

Hadn’t someone told him that it was rude to stare?

Shifting again, she tried to look around, acting as if the other occupants of the seminar were fascinating. She had no idea what the speaker was saying. If the rude man would just stop looking her way, she might be able to concentrate. But with those sharp, green eyes looking in her direction, catching her gaze whenever she looked up, it was almost impossible.

She should just walk out. Naya glanced down the row of chairs but…darn it! She was trapped! There were too many people sitting in this row on both sides of her, leaving her no easy escape route. At least not one that wouldn’t make her the center of attention.

Looking up again, those sexy lips curled up into a wisp of a smile.

He knew, darn him! He’d guessed that she was trying to figure out how to get out of here and was laughing at her!

Arrogant man!

She’d show him! She’d just sit here and be pleasant, listen to this stupid presentation and…well, that’s as far as her plan went at the moment. But she would think of something. In the meantime, she’d just sit here and fume!

Yeah, like that did any good. Her fuming mind rarely came up with a good plan. Her fuming mind more often came up with a really bad plan.

Like…well…she could….

Okay, so the man needed to move that sharp, green gaze to someone else before she could even come up with a bad plan! Darn him! He knew exactly what he was doing to her and she hated that!

Sighing, Naya forced her eyes to look downward again. If she just kept her head low, her eyes away from his green ones, she could survive this. The heat flooding her neck and cheeks, that was nothing. Nothing more than a stuffy room filled with stuffy people. She wasn’t blushing because she never blushed! Everyone in here was a real estate agent, just like herself. Everyone was listening to the presentation of the latest Steele Industries marketing plan.

Why in the world were they only releasing twenty of the one hundred and fifty units that would eventually fill the space in this particular high-rise building? Why not just release all of them and let the agents presell the units?

That’s what other building managers do. What made this building so different?

She thought about raising her hand to ask the question, but then she remembered those green eyes and….

Looking down at her notebook, she realized that she was drawing the man’s eyes!

Snapping her notebook shut, she folded her hands in her lap and…realized that the speaker had stopped talking and several people were looking at her after the loud snapping of her notebook. Including Mr. Rude-Green-Eyes! Again! So were several other people all around her.

“Sorry,” she whispered, sinking down slightly in her chair.

Good grief, had she been that loud? Obviously she had.

She breathed a sigh of relief when Mr. Green Eyes took over the presentation and ignored the annoyingly beautiful blonde woman in front of her who kept turning her head to smirk in Naya’s direction.

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