Take Me Away

By: Theresa Leigh

About this book

I came back to Reckless Falls to hide from the world.

Derek Granger found me.

All I wanted when I fled my abusive ex was some peace.

My salvation came in the form of my grandfather’s will. He’d left me his huge property high in the hills above town.

Part of it, anyway.

Turns out one half of my salvation also belongs to the caretaker. A ghost from my past life named Derek Granger.

He’s dark-eyed and dangerous. A hard-hearted, hard-living bad boy. And he’s living in my house.

He says he’s not going anywhere.

But I’ve got no place else to go.

Now it’s a standoff. A showdown. The immovable object and the irresistible force. One of us has to leave, but neither wants to lose to the other. It's a high stakes game of chicken.

And soon we're both playing dirty.

I see the way he watches me when I wear my high boots, so I flaunt it. Smile, flirt, bat my eyes... kiss him...again. And again...

Whatever it takes to convince him to let me have the house, right? Whatever it takes to get my way.

But when he takes off his shirt, exposing that rock hard stomach before he pins me against the wall?

I’m ready to let him have his way instead.

There's a man in my house who has the power to take everything from me. And I can't stop giving in to him.

The longer Derek stays in my house, the more I want him to stay in my bed.

And my life.

Chapter One


It was always quiet up here on the hill.

But it was extra quiet now that the old man was dead.

I went whole days without saying a word aloud. Whole weeks without seeing another human face besides the one in the mirror. And that was only on the rare occasions I bothered to shave.

No people. No questions. No prying eyes.

It was exactly what I needed.

The morning mist was still clinging to the tree tops, but I was nearly finished with my run. The only sound in the silent woods that surrounded the Dolan estate was the rustle of leaves and the sound of my own breathing. It was steady and regular as I sprinted the last hundred feet of trail that wound back to the house. I was focused and calm and almost mindless with the silent, solitary routine I’d been keeping to for weeks.

Which is why I tripped and nearly face-planted when I heard the sound of wheels on the gravel drive.

I stumbled to a stop. I froze like a deer caught in the headlights and watched the unfamiliar car roll towards me.

“Turn around,” I muttered through gritted teeth. My voice was hoarse with disuse.

It nudged its way cautiously closer to the great house, like it wasn’t quite sure about what it would find there.

I cleared my throat. “How’d you get up here?” I’d put the chain up at the bottom of the hill, but it was nearly rusted through this time last year. It could have easily fallen down. “Idiot,” I berated myself. I should have checked it.

But then again, why would I?

No one ever came up here unless I knew about it first.

And I never left.

“Turn around,” I commanded, louder this time.

Why I thought that would work, I had no idea. Nothing ever went my way. And nothing good ever happened.

So, rather than turn around and leave, the driver of the rental car pulled into the loop in front of the great house and cut the engine.

“Hell no. No. No no no.” I jogged down the last remaining feet of the trail and hit the rolling green lawn at a sprint. “No.” I didn’t know what I thought I was going to do when I reached her. Tackle her to the ground? Shove her into her unwelcome car and push it back to the road?

Charge at her like a crazy person and hope I freaked her out enough that she would forget about this place and leave me alone?

Probably the last one.

But she had the exact same plan.

The car door slammed and a fierce, wild-eyed redhead stomped her way across the lawn in these incredibly sexy yet completely ridiculous-for-this-terrain boots.

It was her. The granddaughter. The one I’d tracked down.


She charged at me like an enraged bull, but at the last minute those ridiculous boots betrayed her. Before I could think, I lunged forward to catch her.

Then I ducked. But not quickly enough.

Her slapping palm caught me on the side of the ear and it hurt like hell. “Hey!” I shouted, and let her go.

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